Even if Biden wins, he will have very little power domestically and legislatively

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Image: Even if Biden wins, he will have very little power domestically and legislatively

(Natural News) In the contentious 2020 election, Republicans are projected to maintain a Senate majority and have gained seats in the House of Representatives. Even if Biden finds a way to pull off a victory through week-late, mail-in voting schemes, he will have very little power domestically and legislatively. The Senate GOP will still control judge appointees, SCOTUS approvals, and the filibuster and will (hopefully) stand in the way of unconstitutional bills.

A President Joe Biden would be handicapped, unable to enact the Green New Deal and unable to reinstate the Obamacare individual mandate and other tax increases. Every attempt that Biden makes to limit gun purchases for private individuals and every attempt he makes to outlaw specific firearms will be declared unconstitutional by a conservative Supreme Court established under Donald Trump. This is the beauty of the United States Republic that was established by America’s founders. Joe Biden may be elected President, but the executive branch of government is only one part of the equation, and this branch of government is held down by a principle called separation of powers.

Joe Biden may be so ineffective domestically that his own left-wing rioters and looters may ultimately turn on the party, frustrated that they don’t get what they want.

Joe Biden has no legislative authority to force masks, lockdowns and business restrictions

Joe Biden’s “dark winter” of lockdowns, business restrictions and violations of individual liberty may very well fall on deaf ears, as people learn to take back their freedom and see these mandates for what they truly are: harmful medical edicts that are not laws, not enforceable nor punishable. The states led by Democrat governors will suffer the most under stressful mandates and economic conditions, but Joe Biden will not be able to write laws forcing people to wear masks, nor will he be able to shut down businesses or force people into mass quarantines (unless people voluntarily participate.)


The Democrats did not gain control of the Senate and will be unable to convince Republicans to pass bills that restrict human freedom. At a pre-election town hall event, Biden hinted at coercing governors and local leaders to enact more mask mandates and vaccine mandates. He will be unable to convince Republican governors to go along with tyranny because they have a better understanding of individual liberty. These illegal controls are medical decisions that require informed consent, and they carry their own set of health risks.

The most cognitively impaired President in history will also be handicapped in terms of power

A President Biden would reign as the most cognitively impaired, most corrupt President in the history of the US. He will also be the most handicapped President in terms of power and influence. On a domestic level, he’ll be powerless, and he may have to depend on foreign entities like China and the United Nations to help push radical left-wing agendas forward. When it comes to amassing personal wealth and selling his country out to foreign powers like China, he may get what he wants with corrupt attorney Kamala Harris by his side.

Ultimately, as he stumbles over his words and makes up gibberish in public speeches, Biden’s promises and threats will ring empty, making a mockery of the country and the nobility of the Presidency.

If Biden becomes President, former President Trump will be at liberty to be of even greater service to the United States. If Trump is back on the outside of the federal government, he will be able to rally, speak his mind and motivate political action like never before. All the enthusiasm for the America First agenda could live on as Trump continues to build a revolutionary coalition, while trolling a powerless, crime-ridden president named Joe Biden.

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