As usual, the pollsters were wrong and the election was rigged

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Image: As usual, the pollsters were wrong and the election was rigged

(Natural News) For many months, the mainstream media and its pollster partners predicted – or more accurately programmed – an Election Day “blue wave” for Joe Biden and other Democrat politicians that, as we can now see, never materialized. And in response, the left is now desperately trying to steal the election through blatant voter fraud.

When it became undeniably clear on election night after the polls closed and the tallies started coming in that a “red wave” was actually in progress, CNN, MSNBC, and even Fox News immediately started to spin the numbers by claiming that it was “too early,” despite President Trump’s massive lead in numerous states, to call any of them in his favor. It was going to take days or even weeks, we were told, for anyone to know the final results, despite substantial leads by Trump in nearly all of the major swing states.

Hours went by and the consensus was nearly unanimous across the mainstream media gamut: Trump was somehow not the clear winner, and there was still a miracle chance for Biden to win, even though he was trailing at the time in nearly every battleground state. Trump had no choice but to tiptoe around giving an actual acceptance speech at roughly 2am, and most of America went to bed not long after that, unsure what to think about the situation.

Then came Wednesday morning, and suddenly Biden was ahead, by a lot, in Michigan and Wisconsin, two states that were clearly leaning toward Trump the night prior. What happened, according to the media talking heads, is that hundreds of thousands of new votes miraculously manifested for Biden while everyone was sound asleep in their beds.


Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania also dramatically shifted in Biden’s favor overnight as well, though these three are still showing Trump in the lead, just not by as much as before. Even though we were told that poll workers in all of these key states had to go to bed because they were just too sleepy to continue counting ballots, hundreds of thousands of new votes for Biden were inexplicably counted in the middle of the night – perhaps by elves?

Media inciting civil war by falsely claiming Biden as election winner

Regardless of what actually happened, the new media narrative is that poll workers just so happened to stumble upon all these new ballots after we all went to sleep, and all of them – yes, literally all of them – were for Biden. This is what we are being told to believe, and any skepticism represents an assault on “democracy.”

As ridiculous as it all might sound, this is the current state of our banana republic, where Democrats who do not get what they want resort to criminal fraud as the solution to getting their candidate in office. Trump clearly was on the verge of winning by a near landslide, so “plan B” had to be enacted to prevent that from happening.

The Trump campaign has vowed to fight this thing to the bitter end, but the seeds of doubt have already been planted by the treasonous media machine, which in effect is inciting a civil war to prevent Trump from winning reelection. At this point, even if it can be proven in court that the Democrats cheated, and that Trump is the true winner, Democrat voters are right now being programmed to think that he lost – and the writing is already on the wall as to where this is all headed.

“Never forget that Joe Biden openly bragged about having ‘the most extensive voter fraud organization’ in the history of American politics,” warns Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. “What we’re watching is the Democrats deploying that weapon system to target our republic and destroy this nation.”

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