Associated Press sides with violent Muslim terrorists, says French people deserve to be beheaded

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Image: Associated Press sides with violent Muslim terrorists, says French people deserve to be beheaded

(Natural News) The Associated Press (AP) is now siding with religiously-motivated Muslim terrorists and justifying the beheading of Christians in France and abroad.

On Thursday October 29, a Tunisian Muslim beheaded an elderly Christian woman and two other innocent Christians at a church in Nice. The religiously-motivated Muslim terrorist shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is Greatest) before ending the lives of the three Christians.

Instead of standing for justice and calling out the crimes of radical Islamic extremism, the AP mocked the victims of the terrorist attack by condemning the French for “inciting anger” toward people of the Muslim faith.

AP mocks beheaded Christians, blames the French for “inciting anger in the Muslim world”

The article is titled, “AP Explains: Why France sparks such anger in Muslim world,” by Angela Charlton.

The AP article claims that the French brought this terror upon themselves because of their “brutal colonial past” and President Macron’s insensitivity towards the Muslim faith. The article did not condemn the killer, did not address the killer’s intent and failed to call out the root belief system that is driving Muslim terrorists to kill Christians around the world.

Instead, the AP let it be known that Christians deserve to be targeted, beheaded and eradicated because they are the ones “inciting anger” toward the “innocent and peaceful” Muslims.

Muslim terrorists, apparently, do not have to take responsibility for their own terror, homicides and religiously-motivated threats. Instead, Christian are to feel shame for believing in Jesus Christ, because this infuriates Muslims to the point of killing.


Since 2015, France tried to take in as many Muslims as possible, and now the nation boasts the largest population of Muslims in Western Europe. Muslims make up nearly seven percent of the population now. France tried to integrate as many Muslims as possible but it was never enough for the AP and the left-wing radicals.

The AP article condemned France this time — not for their immigration policies in recent years which have allowed more than 5 million Muslims to take up residence — but instead for not properly integrating the Muslim immigrants. The Associated Press condemned the French for discriminating Muslims and not treating them equally. The AP claims that Muslims are oppressed and are essentially justified in their religious killing spree.

Radical news reporter similarly wished terrorists to target “ignorant flag waving Americans” back in 2015

The AP’s ruthless, abject mentality was previously sewn into the public consciousness back in 2015, when President Donald Trump was blocking Muslim emigration from terrorist hot-spots. In 2016, Trump pushed for stronger vetting of immigrants to protect Americans from ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism. The AP called Trump “xenophobic” for doing this – although Trump’s decisive action has proven to save Americans from needless terror attacks and lost lives.

Left-wing media, wanting open borders and unchecked crime, became so belligerent that Trump was banning Muslims from high-terror regions, some media despots actually wished for terrorists to pose as refugees and “target ignorant flag waving Americans.” NaturalNews reported on a case in 2015 about a small Illinois news reporter lashing out at his fellow Americans: “I am taking a break from Facebook, at least now that I am at work. The appalling level of ignorance and xenophobia is doing nothing but throwing me into a barely controllable rage. Fact is, it’s almost gotten to the point where I almost wish some of these refugees were terrorists AND TARGETED IGNORANT FLAG-WAVING JACKASSES. They shouldn’t be hard to find.” [Emphasis added].

It’s this kind of vitriol that invites terror into communities, while actively shaming the victims of the terror attack. The AP should be admonished for siding with terrorists and essentially mocking slain Christians. For more, visit

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