“Bulls**t exposed”: New video calls Tesla’s full self-driving a “clear bait and switch”

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Image: “Bulls**t exposed”: New video calls Tesla’s full self-driving a “clear bait and switch”

(Natural News) Heading into the release of its Full Self Driving beta, Tesla warned drivers that the software was capable of doing the “wrong thing at the worst time”. And just a couple days ago, we highlighted some of these “wrong things” when several videos started to surface of Full Self Driving decidedly doing the wrong thing on public roads, where surrounding drivers had no clue they were participating in a beta test of software headed up by a guy who routinely makes “69” jokes and semen jokes on Twitter.

(Article by Tyler Durden republished from ZeroHedge.com)

Now, another, more organized video has surfaced, aptly titled: “Bullshit Exposed: Elon Musk & The Self Driving Scam”.

The video splices together Elon Musk’s statements regarding Full Self Driving, which he has been collecting deposits on for years, with clips of the “feature’s” recent performance. As many already know, the promises and timelines that Musk have presented in the past are a far cry from what Tesla’s vehicle’s are actually capable of performing.

The video calls Full Self Driving a “classic bait and switch”.

It only takes 2 minutes to thoroughly debunk Musk’s promises as nonsense. The video starts by highlighting Musk, in April 2019, stating that at the “middle of next year” there would be over a million Tesla cars on the road that are feature complete with Full Self Driving.

“We expect to have the first operating robotaxis next year. With no one in them, next year,” Musk said in 2019. 


The video then shows a litany of massive Full Self Driving screw ups, including cars botching turns, stopping in the middle of roadways for no reason and drivers being forced to re-take control of their vehicles. “Shit! Oh my god. Excuse my language. What the heck was that?” one driver says of his car’s performance.

The video then points out that Tesla recorded $48 million in Full Self Driving revenue in Q2 2020 already.

“Essentially customers are fronting us the money for the car,” Musk says toward the end of the video. “It’s great!”

Recall, days ago, we shared videos of the “Full Self Driving” beta being put to work on the open roads.

One video shows a driver saying “this is kind of challenging” approaching an intersection with construction. His Tesla display seems to show the vehicle unsure of whether it is turning left or right, before the car makes an awkward left turn, which the driver appears to have to assist with.

A second video shows a Tesla “really hitting the accelerator” then braking quickly seconds later, as the driver narrates.

“It makes you feel a little queasy,” the driver says.

Then, the car appears to far overshoot a left turn while a surprised and scared driver yells: “Holy shit!”. After the driver rights the vehicle’s turn, he exclaims: “Good lord almighty.”


In a third video, a Tesla is seen clearly confused about what lane it should be in after driving through an intersection. The car bucks back and forth between the lane it is currently in and the lane to the left of it.


Finally, there’s this video of a Tesla stopping in the middle of an intersection in the midst of making a left hand turn. After the car behind it honks, it completes the turn while crossing over a solid white line.

A couple of weeks ago we noted that FSD is supposed to allow Tesla vehicles to react to stop signs, stop lights and freeway exits. Days prior to that we noted that after Tesla released its much awaited beta that it had also warned drivers that the software “may do the wrong thing at the worst time.”

Finally, this week, we noted that the NHTSA was supposedly watching the release of the Full Self Driving Beta “very closely”.

The NHTSA had commented that it would “monitor the new technology closely and will not hesitate to take action to protect the public against unreasonable risks to safety.”

The agency also seemed to take the wind out of the sails of the name “Full Self Driving”, stating: “As we have stated consistently, no vehicle available for purchase today is capable of driving itself. The most advanced vehicle technologies available for purchase today provide driver assistance and require a fully attentive human driver at all times performing the driving task and monitoring the surrounding environment. Abusing these technologies is, at a minimum, distracted driving. Every State in the Nation holds the driver responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle.”

We sure hope the NHTSA watches this video closely, too. On top of that, if they could pick up the phone and notify the FTC, as well, it would be appreciated.

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