Same doctors pushing masks, lockdowns to “save lives” ignore forced organ harvesting in communist China

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Image: Same doctors pushing masks, lockdowns to “save lives” ignore forced organ harvesting in communist China

(Natural News) There is a pandemic of illicit organ harvesting taking place on a global scale, and the medical profession, too preoccupied with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) plandemic, is either turning a blind eye to it or complicit.

Those in need of vital organs who are unable to procure them through legal means are increasingly traveling to communist China, where prisoners of conscience such as members of Falun Gong are being systematically murdered by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) so their organs can be harvested and sold on the black market.

This is precisely what a woman who was in need of a liver took advantage of after Dr. Alexander Toledo diagnosed her with cancer. Failing to meet transplant criteria and unwilling to accept a non-curative treatment that at best would add nine months to her life, the woman traveled to China before returning to the United States with a fresh liver.

“She had received a liver transplant essentially on demand, which, of course … raised questions as to the source of the organs,” Toledo recalled about the 2008 case during an Oct. 26 online panel hosted by the University of North Carolina.

While under normal circumstances a transplant patient would receive a vital organ from a deceased donor, or perhaps a living donor with an extra to spare, transplant “tourism” is changing the way that people in need of surgery are living their best lives now.

In the case of the woman seen by Toledo, she returned to America with a new liver and “no meaningful donor information … beyond that the donor was young and healthy.” After doing a little digging, Toledo found out that the liver had been harvested from a prison of conscience in communist China and sold on the illicit transplant market.


China’s organ harvesting trader has been verified “beyond any reasonable doubt”

Since China did not have an official organ donation program at the time, it became clear very quickly that the transplant had come from an executed prisoner. Further investigation pinpointed the victim as a likely adherent to the spiritual practice of Falun Gong, which is prohibited in China.

Back in 1999, the CCP launched a massive persecution campaign against Falun Gong, for which there were about 100 million adherents during the 1990s. In the decades since, China has imprisoned and executed millions of them, as well as harvested their organs.

Despite a complete media blackout here in the states – this is due to nearly every major media corporation being in bed with the CCP – independent investigations have determined that the CCP is, in fact, harvesting the organs of primarily Falun Gong practitioners and selling them on the black market.

And this is happening “on a significant scale,” an independent tribunal discovered back in 2019. For at least the past decade, China’s illicit organ harvesting market has been going strong with little resistance, and almost nobody in the medical profession seems to care.

According to David Matas, a Canadian international human rights lawyer who has been studying the issue for at least the past 10 years, most in the medical community are turning a blind eye to China’s horrific human rights abuses, even as they continue to lecture us all about how we need to sacrifice our freedoms and liberties in order to “save lives” from being overtaken by COVID-19.

Only “a tiny minority of the transplantation professionals globally are willing to do anything about transplant abuse in China,” he warns. And many of them, he adds, are buying into the “Chinese propaganda hook, line, and sinker.”

“They echoed the Party line that the research is unverifiable, though it is both verifiable and verified beyond any reasonable doubt,” he contends.

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