NY Post hits back at critics of Biden corruption allegations who claim they are ‘unverified’ when, in fact, they’re CONFIRMED

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Image: NY Post hits back at critics of Biden corruption allegations who claim they are ‘unverified’ when, in fact, they’re CONFIRMED

(Natural News) For years, the establishment media ran with uncorroborated claims that President Donald Trump’s campaign “colluded” with Mother Russia to “steal the election” from Hillary Clinton.

The stories were largely based on ‘leaks’ from deep state anti-Trump figures in the intelligence community and the Justice Department. These stories were only accompanied by claims from anonymous “sources;” there was never any hard evidence to back them up.

No pictures. No documents. No emails. Nothing. All of those stories were unverified, unsubstantiated garbage. And though it took nearly four years and two directors of national intelligence — acting DNI Richard Grenell and current DNI John Ratcliff — who declassified, at the president’s direction, key information, we have finally officially discovered after nearly four years that all of the ‘Russian collusion’ stories were hoaxes.

And not one of those lying media outlets — CNN, The New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, etc. — has issued a single retraction or apology for any of the ‘Russian collision’ stories.

Now, these same outlets are refusing to report on credible allegations of corruption and potential criminal activity involving Joe Biden and his family that were first reported last week by the New York Post because they claim the allegations are “unverified.”

Unverified? Seriously?

The Post reports contained copies of emails and quoted from text messages that contained details about a number of shady business dealings involving Hunter Biden, uncle James Biden, and business partners involving companies and state-connected entities in Ukraine, Moscow and China, for starters.


The details include references to kickbacks paid to Joe Biden in exchange, allegedly, for use of the ‘family name’ to help his son and family land the business deals in the first place.

The behaviors and actions laid out by the evidence, which was originally obtained from a laptop Hunter Biden dropped off at a Delaware computer repair shop last year (and he has never denied this) also now include an eyewitness, former business associate Tony Bobulinski, who publicly corroborated some of the information and evidence reported by the Post.

But no. The ‘mainstream’ media claims that the materials on their favored presidential candidate, Joe Biden, are “unverified.” Wow. (Related: Same pathetic media that ran with the “Trump-Russia collusion” hoax for years on NO evidence won’t cover Biden corruption story with an abundance of evidence (and a witness!)

“Much of the push to ignore The Post’s drop of Hunter Biden’s e-mails centers on the charge that it’s all “unverified.” The claim is more excuse than truth,” the Post’s editorial board said last week.

The editorial board added: 

First, a host of media outlets have now interviewed the computer-repair guy who provided the data at the heart of these exposés — and he’s said exactly what we’ve reported from the start about how the laptop came into his possession.

Second, neither Hunter nor Joe Biden has even questioned the fact that the drive is real — they merely dismiss the entire line of questioning, while charging that The Post has an agenda in presenting it to the world.

Third, we’ve published emails and pictures — most of which have nothing to do with Ukraine or China — that contain an extraordinary level of detail. Is that all fabricated? The Biden campaign’s response, notably, is not that an e-mail from a Burisma official thanking Hunter for an introduction to his father isn’t real, it’s that said meeting doesn’t show up on Joe’s “official” schedules. 

The Post, which has since endorsed President Trump for reelection, noted it was incredibly hypocritical for The New York Times to be “fixated” on the “unverified” excuse, “since it’s spent much of the Trump era offering supposed dirt from anonymous sources — which, by definition, makes the info unverifiable.”

The paper also pointed to the sham Atlantic story last month claiming that “anonymous sources” said Trump disparaged American war dead in France; the magazine and other outlets ‘confirmed’ the allegations, but likely used the same “anonymous sources” in a circular reporting fashion, a common media trick. But several current and former Trump administration officials who were with the president during the France trip said on the record the president never said anything bad about our war dead.

The Post’s reports have been substantiated and corroborated. The other outlets use fake sources to report fake news — why does anyone still believe them?

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