Corporate news media in bed with communist China

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Image: Corporate news media in bed with communist China

(Natural News) The reason why the mainstream media never says anything even remotely truthful about the communist Chinese regime is because practically all of the major news networks, including those that produce Hollywood entertainment, are joined at the hip financially with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

China’s human rights abuses against Christians, for instance, are never mentioned by the likes of CNN or ABC because these and many other networks are controlled by Chinese communists with very deep pockets.

“You often see representatives from American companies with financial ties to China naturally become defenders of the CCP’s policies and spreading the CCP’s propaganda,” warns Helen Raleigh, an author and senior contributor at The Federalist who emigrated from China.

“The financial tie means these Americans will be much less likely to challenge China’s human rights record or unacceptable demand such as technology transfer.”

Take The New York Times, for instance. Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim owns a 17.4 percent share in the Times that allows him to vote for approximately one-third of the company’s board.

Slim regularly conducts business with Chinese companies that have overt ties to the CCP, and he is also working against American interests to spread more Chinese garbage products to Latin America, an effort that President Trump continues to fight in the Chinese-American trade wars.

Slim also owns a company called America Movil that has teamed up with CCP telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies to try to push a 5G pilot rollout in Colombia.


“Huawei seeks to overturn U.S. legislation that prohibits our federal government from using its equipment,” warns The Federalist‘s Ben Weingarten.

“This is a blatant attempt by an allegedly vital cog in the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) intelligence apparatus to avail itself of rights China would never confer on U.S. corporations – let alone its own citizens – in a bid to thwart America’s national security interests.”

ABC, Disney, CNN – they’re all financially tied to communist China

The Washington Post, now owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, is similarly tied to CCP interests. Under Bezos’ leadership, the paper supports expanding American-Chinese relations to allow Amazon to tap China’s expansive consumer market for goods.

The Post also now contains an entire “China Watch” section that provides subscribers with Chinese state-run “news” obtained from China Daily, a known propaganda outlet.

Then we have CNN, owned by WarnerMedia, which in 2013 forged a lucrative $50 million deal with the CCP to create a “partnership” that greases the wheels for more Chinese involvement in American media.

According to WarnerMedia Chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes, one of Time Warner’s “strategic priorities” involves increasing its “global presence,” particularly in China where there are plenty of consumer dollars to be had for those willing to cooperate with the CCP’s demands.

Turner Sports, a division of CNN, works directly with the NBA to broadcast basketball games in China, where again the money is readily available to those who follow the CCP’s rules for broadcasting.

The American Broadcasting Company (ABC), which includes Walt Disney and ESPN, is likewise in bed with the CCP. In 2009, Disney partnered with the Chinese government to build a $3.6 trillion theme park, which is now 57 percent owned by the CCP.

As you may recall from more recent news, ESPN also stood up for the Chinese government during the Hong Kong protests, refusing to denounce the regime’s well-known human rights abuses.

Because China houses some 1.4 billion residents – more than four times the population of the United States – the consumer market there and the dollars it brings are more important to the likes of Disney and ABC than supporting American interests.

“Examining these financial ties may explain why China is receiving such glowing coverage during a pandemic of their own making,” writes Chrissy Clark for The Federalist.

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