AUDIO: Hunter Biden confesses criminal partnership with Chinese “spy chief”

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Image: AUDIO: Hunter Biden confesses criminal partnership with Chinese “spy chief”

(Natural News) The National Pulse has released a new bombshell audio recording of Hunter Biden admitting with his own mouth that he engaged in illicit business deals with former Secretary for Home Affairs in Hong Kong Patrick Ho, whom Hunter is heard describing as the “spy chief of China.”

Labeled the “Most Genius S*** Ever,” the audio file exclusive reveals Hunter’s frustrations with his former “best friend in business” Devon Archer, who named Hunter and his father Joe as witnesses in a criminal case “without telling me.” Hunter also expressed anger at his “old partner Eric, who literally has done me harm for I don’t know how long.”

Hunter further revealed in the audio that his father Joe has been sending “calls” from The New York Times and others to this Eric character, adding that Joe “will not stop sending the calls to Eric.” In other words, Joe does not want to speak with the media about much of anything.

As for Ho, “who is worth $323 billion,” according to Hunter, the guy “is now missing” despite having co-founded a business with Hunter’s partner. Hunter says Ho is the “richest man in the world.”

“He was missing since I last saw him in his $58 million apartment inside a $4 billion deal to build the f***ing largest f***ing LNG port in the world,” Hunter is heard revealing.

“And I am receiving calls from the Southern District of New York from the U.S. Attorney himself,” Hunter added.


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Hunter Biden abused White House access to obtain resort villa stays, expensive artwork

In another exclusive from the day prior, the Pulse published an email that appears to have been written by Hunter admitting that the former vice president’s son abused his access to the White House for his own personal gain.

At one point, Hunter arranged a meeting between White House officials, including his father, and Mexican businessman Miguel Aleman Magnani. After the meeting, Hunter was given expensive artwork, free stays at resort villas and a dangling carrot of potential future involvement in lucrative business deals.

“I really appreciate you letting me stay at your resort villa,” Hunter wrote in a follow-up email to Magnani.

“I have brought every single person you have ever asked me to bring to the F’ing White [sic] House and the Vice President’s house and the inauguration and then you go completely silent – I don’t hear from you for months,” Hunter added.

The grandson of a former Mexican president and son of one of the richest men in Mexico, Magnani is the current CEO of the Mexican airline Interjet. And Hunter’s anger in the above quote stems from the fact that Magnani apparently does not respond to Hunter’s requests to meet up, despite Hunter doing many favors for him.

“I am really upset by it,” Hunter whined in the same email. “You respond when it’s something you need. You are the most generous person I know but WTF. We have so many great things to do together and I want you at the plane when the the [sic] VP lands with your Mom and Dad and you completely ignore me.”

Like a scorned lover, Hunter went on in the strange email to complain that Magnani apparently failed to follow through on promises of “business deals” and “partnerships,” despite them having been spoken about for more than seven years.

“I don’t know what it is that I did but I’d like to know why I’ve delivered on every single thing you’ve ever asked – and you make me feel like I’ve done something to offend you,” Hunter concluded.

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