Hunter Biden helped Chinese military contractor acquire weapons through “Project Hanson”

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Image: Hunter Biden helped Chinese military contractor acquire weapons through “Project Hanson”

(Natural News) During the final year of Barack Obama’s occupation of the White House, then-Vice President Joe Biden helped his son Hunter close a key deal with communist China that allowed the foreign regime to assume ownership of and control over a strategically sensitive domestic automotive manufacturer.

One of the latest Hunter laptop emails to break headlines reveals that Henniges Automotive, a Michigan “dual-use” manufacturer – meaning it has the capacity to also produce weapons for the military – was bought out by a Chinese military contractor in violation of American watch list provisions, all with the knowledge and permission of the Obama administration.

The Committee of Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS) gave special permission to the Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC), the Chinese contractor in question, to purchase Henniges despite AVIC entities having been sanctioned by the U.S. on five separate occasions since 1993. Just one year before this critical sale, AVIC was added to the official watch list.

“The fact that CFIUS approved the deal is alarming given that Henniges owns numerous facilities in the United States that are now controlled by a Chinese military front company,” write Peter Schweizer and Seamus Bruner for Breitbart News.

AVIC disguised ownership via shell companies before creating joint venture with Hunter Biden

Internal documents obtained from Hunter’s firm show how AVIC disguised its true ownership via shell corporations before forming a joint venture with Biden to seize control over Henniges. This deal allowed communist China to obtain a key asset that it could then use against our national interest.


Before the money was transferred between Hunter and the firm, however, it first passed through Vanessa Kerry, the daughter of then-Secretary of State John Kerry. This all happened just one month before the approved takeover.

“At the time, Secretary Kerry played a lead role on the Obama-Biden CFIUS committee,” Breitbart further reports.

When the deal finally went through, Biden and his associates celebrated how this “proof of concept” could be used as a template for further Chinese acquisitions of key American companies.

“This is great,” responded associate Bevan Cooney to an email sent by former Hunter business partner Devon Archer. “Let’s get a letter out to Ambassador Baucus ASAP Archie (an apparent nickname for Archer).”

The Biden Crime Family is guilty of treason against America

The treasonous coup was dubbed “Project Hanson” at the time, and was used as a model for future “cross-border” investments by Hunter’s private firm. And Hunter’s father Joe was fully aware of everything that was going on, and even appears to have facilitated and sanctioned it.

In celebration of their victorious takeover, Biden and his associates schemed up a celebration event at which numerous Chinese state-owned entities, including Sinopec, the Bank of China, and the China Development Bank, were invited to join.

“We are incredibly proud of the perseverance, dedication and ingenuity of the Project Hanson team who collectively brought to life the first-born of BHR’s (Biden’s firm) cross-border investment platform, the first of many to come,” the invitation read.

According to Roger Robinson, a former senior director for international economic affairs under President Ronald Reagan, the U.S. government “has known for years that AVIC has been helping China’s military and aiding U.S. enemies and as such was sanctioned in the past.”

The fact that the Obama-Biden administration approved the deal at all, in other words, assuredly knowing the same, makes the approval of the transaction “all the more curious.”

“This is anything but a benign Chinese enterprise,” Robinson went on to state.

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