Democrats create “Donald Trump Watch” website containing home addresses of Trump donors for Antifa, BLM to target

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Image: Democrats create “Donald Trump Watch” website containing home addresses of Trump donors for Antifa, BLM to target

(Natural News) Left-wingers are once again showing their unique brand of love and tolerance for the opposition by launching a new website that doxes everyone in the country who contributed money to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, sharing their home addresses online.

Known as “Donald Trump Watch,” the site features an unsightly image of Trump grimacing alongside the words, “Americans that Give Money to Support a Racist.” Below it, users can search by zip code or street address to see who near them has ever donated money to Trump.

After plugging in an address or zip code, users are presented with a clickable map full of pins and addresses of Trump supporters in the area who supported a “racist” with their cash donations.

The top of the site features a quote from Voltaire that insinuates Trump is a dictator akin to Adolph Hitler:

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

Since the Donald Trump Watch site draws from publicly available information compiled by the Federal Election Commission (FEC), it is not technically illegal (as far as we know). However, it does tee-up Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa to easily target Trump supporters for organized “protests.”

Why are the communist Chinese encouraging BLM, Antifa to commit violence against Trump supporters?

While claiming to be a privately owned entity not connected to any government agency, a little digging reveals that Donald Trump Watch is actually run by a company tied to the communist Chinese regime.


Dynadot LLC, the registered company associated with the site, is based out of San Mateo, Calif., but also has two offices in China – one in Zhenzhou and another in Beijing. Dynadot also apparently has an office in Toronto.

“Dynadot is a privately held ICANN accredited domain name registrar and web hosting company founded by software engineer Todd Han in 2002,” claims Wikipedia.

“Dynadot’s headquarters is established in San Mateo, California, with offices in Zhengzhou and Beijing, China, as well as Toronto, Canada.”

The group behind Dynadot is called Public Service Media Group, Inc., a corporation based out of Delaware where Joe Biden is from. It has three one-star reviews on Spokeo, one of which reads as follows:

“This company … is terrible, real scum lowlifes! They have a website where they publish all President Trump supporters / donors. So it makes it easier to be harassed by the terrorist group known as Antifa, which how they are still walking around beating up helpless people is beyond me!”

Another reviewer claims to be in pursuit of the owner of Public Service Media Group in order to file a lawsuit.

“He / she is responsible for a website called ‘Racism Watch’ that publishes names and addresses of individuals who make monetary donations to the Donald J. Trump campaign,” along with an email where information can be sent.

As far as we can tell, none of the major social media platforms have censored their users from sharing the link to Donald Trump Watch, despite the fact that it encourages people who hate Trump to harass and even harm his supporters and donors.

NBC News‘ Brandy Zadrozny would be proud, seeing as how she gets paid by her employer to do much the same, digging up information about Trump supporters in order to put them in the crosshairs of Antifa and BLM.

“The list isn’t going to tell anyone anything that the giant Trump flag outside my house isn’t already telling them,” wrote one commenter at The Gateway Pundit.

“But this is called terrorism, doxing people is a threat against people and their families in order to intimidate them into changing their behavior so that the terrorists can achieve a political objective. Antifa and all their allies need to be charged as terrorists.”

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