Defense counsel claims that clients for Whitmer’s kidnapping were “military wannabes” and big talkers

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Image: Defense counsel claims that clients for Whitmer’s kidnapping were “military wannabes” and big talkers

(Natural News) Military wannabes who talk a lot but don’t follow through with their plans: This was how defense lawyers for the men charged in the attempt to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer described their clients.

On Oct. 8, law enforcement officers arrested 13 suspects who were part of the foiled kidnapping plot – including members of a militia group. A federal indictment charged six of the 13 suspects with conspiracy to commit kidnapping, which is punishable with a life term.

However, a defense attorney representing one of the six suspects in the indictment dubbed the case as “big talk between crackpots.” Attorney Scott Graham, defense counsel for suspect Kaleb Franks, described the defendants during an Oct. 13 federal court hearing as “people who talk a lot … but are never going to do anything.” Graham further argued that there was no real plan to kidnap Whitmer; Franks and the other suspects were people who “played with guns in the woods.”

Graham also cross-examined Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) special agent Richard Trask II during the hearing: “Have you ever dealt with big talkers? There’s kind of a military wannabe theme that runs between the militias.”

Defense lawyers argue that the FBI goaded the suspects to push through with the plan

Trask testified that the suspects plotted to abduct Whitmer from her vacation home and either take her to the middle of Lake Michigan or to another state to be tried for treason. Continuing his scrutiny, the defense attorney then asked where the suspects planned to bring Whitmer and how they would transport the governor. Trask had no specific answer; he said Whitmer was to be taken to another state, including Wisconsin, based on audio recordings.


Trask also did not have specific answers when asked about the plan to take Whitmer to Lake Michigan by boat. He only said that Adam Fox, the mastermind behind the plot, wanted to “take her out on a boat and leaver her in the middle of [the] lake” – with the idea that someone would have to go there to rescue her.

According to Trask, informants and undercover agents were used to derail the plot. At least one spy “was usually present during group meetings,” and multiple agents recorded meetings and conversations by the suspects. Certain informants also had access to text messages, online chats and phone calls.

However, Graham argued that law enforcement insiders in the group goaded the suspects to push through with the plot. He added that Fox was the FBI’s mole in the group, a claim prosecutors disputed. Trask meanwhile said that Fox was neither an FBI agent nor an informant for the bureau.

The FBI special agent also added that the suspects also talked of abducting Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam during a June meeting in Ohio. The suspects wanted to kidnap Northam and Whitmer because of “oppressive” coronavirus lockdown orders the two governors implemented in their states. (Related: Gretchen Whitmer’s coronavirus lockdown orders for Michigan will no longer be enforced.)

The “right-wing” militiamen hate President Trump and the police – which radical leftists also hate

Recent reports have surfaced that prove the kidnapping plot against Whitmer was a false flag operation. The suspects were initially mentioned as members of the right-wing boogaloo movement, but it was revealed that they espoused far-left beliefs.

Brandon Caserta, one of the suspects present in the Oct. 13 court hearing, posted a video expressing his hatred of President Donald Trump. Caserta called the president a “tyrant” and said Trump was “not [a] friend, adding that “every single person that works for [the] government is your enemy.]

Daniel Harris, another suspect in the hearing, participated in Black Lives Matter protests earlier in June. A report by the Washington Post said Harris “was upset about the killing of George Floyd and police violence.” The left-leaning paper buried the story after Harris’ involvement in the kidnapping plot emerged.

There is definitely strong evidence that the plot to abduct Whitmer was a false flag operation: Actual right-wing members support Trump and back the blue, contrary to what the “military wannabe” kidnappers believe in.

Visit to learn more about the kidnapping plot against the Michigan governor and other similar operations.

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