Google executive admits search engine suppresses “right-wing” advertising

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Image: Google executive admits search engine suppresses “right-wing” advertising

(Natural News) Another undercover Project Veritas video has been released exposing Google as a far-left information gatekeeper that actively suppresses conservative voices online.

In this one, Google Marketing technical account manager Adriano Amaduzzi, who sells advertising space, admits that his employer has the ability to not only “censor out news from your search engine” but also stop “right-wing parties from advertising.”

Because it currently maintains a search and advertising monopoly, which the Department of Justice (DOJ) is aiming to break up, Google exploits its market dominance to stifle opposing viewpoints and make them harder for people to find.

“You can offer free credits, free advertising credits, to Democratic parties for advertising,” Amaduzzi is seen stating. Using the “Trust and Safety” team, Google can also specifically target Republicans to prevent their messages from reaching the platform.

The majority of Google’s Trust and Safety team is “extreme left,” according to Amaduzzi, which means they work to stop right-wing parties, and even the president himself, from having a voice online.

“Recently, we’ve seen censorship of free thought and stories from the Big Tech giant,” stated James O’Keefe, the head of Project Veritas. “Many believe this kind of editorial suppression will affect the upcoming election.”

“But it seems the biggest tech giant of them all, Google, may have other ways to impact the election – this time coming from their ad sales division overseas.”

If Google doesn’t like your viewpoint, it won’t do business with you

At one point during the undercover interview, Amaduzzi appeared to brag about how he deliberately ignored a request by pro-Brexit groups to place advertising on the Google platform.


“Funny enough about Brexit, I had a guy, linked to me for no reason, I don’t know why, contacted me from LinkedIn to say, ‘Hi, I’m head of digital infrastructure of the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom and we would like to do advertising with Google, could you help me with that?”

“I was like, I didn’t answer,” Amaduzzi stated proudly.

Though Amaduzzi is “just one of the pawns” – his words – he still holds sway over whether or not such requests are honored or ignored at Google. In other words, the company hand-selects what gets advertised and what remains stifled.

Amaduzzi’s admissions are similar to those of Ritesh Lakhkar, one of his coworkers, who likewise admitted in an undercover video to Project Veritas that Google likes to “play god” with both search and advertising.

If a firm approaches Google wanting to advertise something with a conservative bent, many employees at the company who are far-left themselves will interfere and prevent that from happening.

The same is true of search results, which show positive results for Joe Biden and negative results for President Trump, almost as a rule.

Unlike Amaduzzi, however, Lakhkar is not okay with what is going on at Google and admitted on tape that he feels “suffocated” working for the company.

“Because on one side you have this professional or unprofessional attitude, and on the other side, you have this ultra-leftist attitude, and your entire existence is questioned,” Lakhkar stated.

This and more will likely be part of the DOJ’s evidence pile as it probes Google for prosecution. Maintaining 90 percent market share while behaving this way would seem to prove that Google is, in fact, a dangerous monopoly that is long overdue for a breakup.

“There’s a point where a conspiracy is no longer a ‘theory,’” wrote one commenter at The Gateway Pundit.

“We are watching the merger and partnership of Dems and corporate elites and that’s exactly how communist China operates today,” wrote another.

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