Lawyer in 2000 election case warns of frauds and forgeries surrounding mail-in voting

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Image: Lawyer in 2000 election case warns of frauds and forgeries surrounding mail-in voting

(Natural News) Thomas Spencer, a lawyer in the Bush v. Gore election recount case from 2000, warned about a criminal “underworld” responsible for voter fraud during a Sept. 27 interview with PJ Media. According to Spencer, this underworld “trades on ballots and forgeries” and “prey on old folks or people in very poor communities.” With Democrats insisting on mail-in voting for this November’s presidential elections, Spencer also shared some anecdotes about his encounters with election-related crimes.

Spencer mentioned several instances when vote fraud was committed, such as paid operatives or nursing home staff would go from room to room and fill out ballots for residents and vote brokers buying absentee ballots from $50 to $100 apiece. He recalled the 1997 mayoral elections in Miami, Florida where 36 people were charged with absentee ballot fraud. The fraudulent election results were later reversed, allowing the incumbent to stay in office after losing the race initially.

He also referenced the recent Project Veritas report about election fraud in Minnesota connected to Rep. Ilhan Omar. According to the report, a ballot harvesting scheme operated in three locations inside Minneapolis’ Ward 6. Ballot harvester Liban Mohamed, who was a part of the illicit operation, bragged about his vehicle full of absentee ballots in two videos posted on his own Snapchat profile.  (Related: Project Veritas releases another Ilhan Omar video showing cash-for-votes harvesting scheme.)

Democrats aim for electoral victory in two fronts: mail-in ballots and voter fraud

Spencer explained how the Democratic Party’s push for mail-in voting ties in with election fraud.


Democrats distribute huge amounts of mail-in ballots in as many places as possible—under the philosophy that every vote submitted should be counted even though it was illegally obtained. Paid operatives do the dirty work, while Democrat allies such as lawyer Marc Elias promote the widespread use of mail-in voting.

Elias’ “four pillars” approach to safeguarding mail-in voting includes waived postage fees for mail-in ballots, mandatory counting of ballots postmarked on or before Election Day, reform of ballot signature matching laws and ballot harvesting by community organizations.

Spencer added that mail-in voting opens the system to fraud because “once the ballot is out of the hands of the voter, the chain of custody is broken.” He cited an instance in his home state of Florida where 25,000 mail-in ballots reached officials after Election Day, as “they had been sitting somewhere in somebody’s truck.”

Democrats have been rigging polls in their favor for decades

Spencer also cited an August article from the New York Post about a Democrat operative specializing in election fraud. Numbers mattered for the tipster as “an election that is swayed by 500 votes, 1,000 votes … can make a difference” and could even be “enough to flip states” from red to blue.

The operative shared the different ways he conducted election fraud: Replacing Republican mail-in ballots with votes cast for Democrats, “helping” nursing home residents fill out absentee ballots and instructing other operatives to vote in person using other people’s identities. He also received help from postmen who threw away ballots with votes for Republican candidates and Board of Election counters who counted tampered mail-in ballots according to the operative’s instructions.

According to the operative, the voter-fraud schemes resembled mafia organizations. The candidate’s campaign manager usually served as the boss, handing off daily management of election fraudsters to him—in a role similar to mafia underbosses.

Whereas the Democrat operative managed to get away with voter fraud unscathed, others have not been so lucky. In October 2018, authorities nabbed four women involved in a vote fraud operation in Texas. The women, who targeted elderly voters at the north side of Fort Worth, were indicted on numerous felony charges by a grand jury.

The operative’s revelation lends credence to Spencer’s warning about underworld-style voter fraud operations, which Democrats will use to their advantage in the November presidential elections.

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