United Kingdom warning shoppers not to stock up and prepare as the country mulls “circuit breaker” lock down

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Image: United Kingdom warning shoppers not to stock up and prepare as the country mulls “circuit breaker” lock down

(Natural News) The United Kingdom is gearing up for another series of lock downs. Sir Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific adviser, is warning that covid-19 poses a “very serious” threat over the next six months. UK Health secretary Matt Hancock warns that the UK “now faces a tipping point in its response.” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the government may impose a “circuit-breaker” lock down which would require shorter periods of tighter rules.

The CEOs of the supermarket chains are already worried that these new lock downs will cause a buying panic, leading to food and supply shortages that could be more difficult to recover from. Toilet paper sales soared by 23 percent after the government warned of new lock downs. Since the news got out, there has been a noticeable uptick in purchases of tinned goods, pasta and pain relief tablets. Supermarket leaders are speaking out, trying to reassure the public not to buy in bulk. “I think the UK saw how well the food industry managed last time, so there’s very good supplies of food,” said Dave Lewis of Tesco.

Supermarket chains getting ready for new lock downs, panic buying

Supermarket chains are making preparations for potential rationing and controlled distribution and are installing safety marshals in their stores to protect their supply. Tesco CEO Dave Lewis is warning the public not to stockpile in the coming weeks and months because it is “unnecessary.” The public is being told not to prepare their food pantries, even as their livelihoods hang in the balance. The public is being told to remain dependent on the collapsing food system, as the government looks to hold the public hostage with tight new restrictions.


Supermarket chain Asda is hiring at least one thousand safety marshals for their stores to deal with potential panic, unrest, rationing and organized distribution. Supermarkets have already begun to put strict purchasing limits on certain goods. For many, the time to prepare is running out. If lock downs continue into the next year, shoppers could potentially be instructed on what they can and cannot have and the government will control distribution to ensure fairness.

The grocery chain Aldi is already trying to tamp down any customer foresight, to stop people from preparing. CEO Giles Hurley wrote to customers, “There is no need to buy more than you usually would. I would like to reassure you that our stores remain fully stocked and ask that you continue to shop considerately. We have remained open for our customers throughout the pandemic and will continue to have daily deliveries, often multiple times a day, across all of our products.”

Preparing is viewed as “not considerate” — as fundamentals of socialism creep in

As supply chains are disrupted, anyone who sees ahead and makes preparations will be seen as selfish – someone who does not “shop considerately.” This could eventually lead to raids on those who have prepared, so the food can be re-distributed in a more socialist society.

Each and every new government restriction is never enough “to control the virus.” Every new authoritarian intervention brings on a new set of challenges for the people.  In the years ahead, it will be critical to have a minimum one-year supply of emergency food and basic supplies as populations are herded, stripped of rights and body autonomy, tracked, isolated and forced to depend on the systems that are failing.

These controlling lock downs and restrictions will continue until every person is coerced to take mRNA injections – physiological and psychological slavery. This is why preparedness is so important right now: it ultimately reaps personal freedom in a time of raucous societal upheaval.

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