Breonna Taylor verdict sparks arson, property destruction and shooting of police officers in Louisville

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Image: Breonna Taylor verdict sparks arson, property destruction and shooting of police officers in Louisville

(Natural News) The verdict in the Breonna Taylor case is in, and it is not what Black Lives Matter (BLM) wanted to hear.

Only one of the three police officers involved in the fatal shooting was indicted, we have learned, and the charge is first-degree “wanton endangerment” – not enough, apparently, for the BLM mob.

Consequently, the riots have begun as they were expected to, as evidenced by much of the city of Louisville being boarded up, barricaded and placed into a state of emergency nearly a full day prior to the announcement.

Photos of a boarded-up Target store located about 20 minutes outside of Louisville in the suburbs has been circulating on social media, along with pictures of Taylor shrines, montages and other memorials that were set up around the city in her honor.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer had announced previously that the city was planning “for the potential of large gatherings,” which is exactly what is now occurring as roving mobs of angry “protesters” are reportedly taking to the streets, despite a city-wide curfew.

One clip from earlier in the day shows “protesters” illegally blocking traffic while screaming from a megaphone, “ain’t nobody going anywhere today!”

Another one shows a man nearly pulling a gun after getting into a fistfight in the middle of a downtown Louisville street, right in front of a boarded-up high rise building.

Because the aforementioned officer, Brett Hankison, was the only one charged, and with a $15,000 bond – the other two officers are not being charged because they were found to be “justified in their use of force” – BLM is livid and thirsty for blood.


National Guard and FBI now in Louisville to provide law enforcement backup

Earlier in the day, reports emerged that BLM protesters were intimidating business owners, as well as harassing people on the street for filming the action. Since that time, things have escalated with business windows being smashed and business owners being assaulted.

The National Guard has been deployed to Louisville, along with Kentucky State Police (KSP), with authorization “to engage in specific missions in support of local law enforcement, but at all times will be under KSP command.”

More videos have emerged of bus station shelters smashed and destroyed, along with fires that were lit in Jefferson Square Park. The FBI has also reportedly showed up to Louisville to aid in the law enforcement response to the escalating riots.

As the night grows darker, BLM’s actions are growing more violent. Law enforcement was seen with weapons drawn as rioters, reports indicate, are now shooting at police officers.

As of this writing, at least two Louisville Metro Police officers have been shot by protesters, both with non-life-threatening injuries, Interim LMPD chief Robert Schroeder confirmed to the media.

The one officer was shot in the abdomen below his bulletproof vest and is currently undergoing surgery. The other was shot in the thigh, according to someone with knowledge of the situation.

Max Gersh, a photographer who works for The Courier Journal, a local news outlet, reported that he saw “a line of officers move toward a gas station with rifles up. Shortly after, they had somebody pinned to the ground and cuffed.” Gersh did not see the actual shooting.

“Look at all of the cities that are a short driving distance to Louisville,” warned one Zero Hedge commenter about how the chaos and violence could easily spread to nearby cities. “This one might be bad.”

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