Shots fired into police officers’ home as media and celebrities continue to demonize police

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Image: Shots fired into police officers’ home as media and celebrities continue to demonize police

(Natural News) A manhunt is currently underway for two suspects who fired shots into the home of two police officers in Camden County, New Jersey shortly before midnight on September 15.

The officers were inside their home with their 10-day-old infant when six rounds of bullets hit their home. Although six of the bullets penetrated the exterior – two of which went right through the front door — the family was upstairs, and no one was injured by the gunfire.

Officials say the couple were targeted because they are police officers, although a specific motive has not been identified. The man and woman, who are married, have been working for the police department for four and two years, respectively, and were born and raised in Camden. They were both part of the department’s community policing unit.

Camden County Police Chief Joseph Wysocki said: “I do know that this was a targeted attack against this residence and the officers inside.” He said it is “very common knowledge” that the officers live there.

The FBI and other law enforcement agencies have joined in the investigation of the frightening incident. Police have already located the vehicle they believe the shooters were driving, a 1998 Honda Odyssey, and have appealed to the public to come forward with information about it.

The reward for information that leads to the arrest of the suspects has risen to $75,000. Officers believe there were three people in the car during the shooting, including two gunmen and a driver.

Camden County Freeholder Louis Cappelli said he told the police chief to “do whatever is necessary to stop any more violence against our officers immediately.”


He also had harsh words for the perpetrators, saying: “This mindless evil conduct will not be tolerated.”

“I want to share a very clear message to the scumbag thugs behind this senseless act. We’re coming to get you and you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you think you can get away with these crimes under the cover of some unfortunate acts taking place in other parts of the nation, or under cover of some national movement, you are wrong,” he added.

In another recent attack against police, two sheriff’s deputies in Los Angeles were shot earlier his week in an ambush attack as they sat in the front seat of their patrol SUV at a metro station. The suspect can be seen in surveillance video approaching the vehicle from behind, walking over to the passenger side and firing a handgun through the window before running away.

One of the officers involved has been released from the hospital but has a long road ahead as he recovers from wounds to his arm and forehead. The other deputy, a 31-year-old woman who has a young child, is still in the hospital and was shot in the jaw. The suspect is believed to be a black male aged 28 to 30 who has yet to be apprehended; the reward has climbed to $675,000. More than $800,000 has already been donated toward the officers’ medical care.

Anti-police sentiment being stoked by media and celebrities

As brazen as these attacks are, it is not terribly surprising to see a spike in violence against the police given how much the left-wing media and liberal celebrities have been demonizing all police and even encouraging violence against them while turning criminals into heroes. They are calling for defunding the police, but who do they plan to call when something bad happens to them?

The mainstream media is quick to report on cases involving white officers using physical restraint on black suspects despite this representing only a small fraction of incidents and celebrities are all too happy to tweet about it on the rare occasion that it does happen, but the silence when a white officer does something heroic is deafening.

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