College Board becomes “key partner” with communist Chinese regime

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Image: College Board becomes “key partner” with communist Chinese regime

(Natural News) For nearly 20 years, the College Board, which administers the SAT to high school students, has been joined at the hip with communist China, a new report by the National Association of Scholars (NAS) claims.

Hanban, the Chinese government agency responsible for the creation of the infamous Confucius Institute, is said to have been working directly with the College Board all these years to embed government-approved Chinese teachers within high schools all across America, where they now indoctrinate students into communist Chinese thinking.

While the communist Chinese regime claims that the goal of the program is merely to teach students Mandarin, the truth is that the College Board has been helping Hanban to set up more than a dozen Confucius Institute classrooms in American schools, “placing an organ of Chinese propaganda in the heart of some public school systems,” writes Yuichiro Kakutani for Free Beacon.

“The College Board’s relationship with the Hanban appears to be unique – it is so deeply wedded to the Chinese government,” warns Rachelle Peterson, the NAS scholar who helped compiled the report.

“China has been especially aggressive in seeking Western partners who can lend to the Chinese government a veneer of credibility and respectability, and the College Board has received those offers with open arms.”

College Board CEO: Hanban is “sun” that “lights path” of Chinese teaching in America

Peterson’s report highlights how America’s K-12 systems have been vigorously targeted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), just as America’s colleges and universities have been.


The types of teachers who are installed by China into American schools are also prohibited from speaking about certain “sensitive” topics such as the human rights abuses in Tibet and Xinjiang.

Back in 2003, Hanban paid the College Board $685,000 for assistance in developing its A.P. Chinese curriculum. Since that time, more than six additional partnerships have been developed between the College Board and the CCP.

The relationship between the College Board and Hanban is now so strong, in fact, that in 2014, College Board CEO David Coleman called Hanban the “sun” that “lights the path to develop Chinese teaching in the U.S.”

“The College Board is the moon,” he added. “I am so honored to reflect the light that we’ve gotten from Hanban.”

Even apart from the Confucius Institute programs, the College Board has kept busy setting up other partnerships that aim to inject more Mandarin education in American schools. A guest teacher program established by the College Board has already facilitated some 1,650 Chinese teachers being brought over to the U.S. to teach Mandarin to American students.

Hanban reportedly covers the costs of getting these teachers to the U.S., and together with the College Board co-hosts the annual National Chinese Language Conference, which is considered to be the preeminent conference for Chinese language teachers.

“The College Board acts as a recruiter for the Chinese government,” Peterson further claims.

“The Chinese government runs these programs targeting students and teachers and funds them. And the College Board goes around and encourages people to join, using its name and appeal to quell any fears.”

As we have come to expect, the CCP found yet another in into American society through the exploitation of the College Board, which has become one of the latest tools to be exploited for China’s expansion of its national interest.

“The Chinese government is aggressive,” Peterson further explains. “It exploits every opportunity to turn an institution against its own values and toward the interests of the CCP. We need to open our eyes to this and grapple with the reality that China is strategically targeting our institutions to try to work from within our own society.”

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