Wildfires in the West could be coordinated arson attacks, says federal law enforcement

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Image: Wildfires in the West could be coordinated arson attacks, says federal law enforcement

(Natural News) Wildfires continue to rage, out-of-control, in the states of Washington, Oregon and California. Wildfires have spread into populated areas east of Salem and Eugene Oregon, requiring evacuations across several communities. Twenty large wildfires have already burned out more than 476,000 acres.

Federal law enforcement officers now have evidence that these fires are being started by a network of domestic terrorists who are intentionally setting fire to vulnerable areas. Many of these arson attacks are being strategically coordinated to destroy suburban areas in the Western United States. Law enforcement are putting everyone on high alert to help identify “opportunists” who seek to set communities ablaze. They have apprehended a number of arsonists and warn that there are still some on the run.

Network of domestic terrorists setting the West Coast ablaze

Law enforcement officers in Puyallup, Washington arrested a 36-year-old man who was caught setting a fire along State Route 167 in the median of SR167 at Meridian. After closing the northbound ramp on the highway, the officers were able to control the blaze.

In Spokane, Washington, officers arrested Christine Comello, a 36-year-old woman who was caught starting multiple fires – one that involved a palette outside of a commercial business and another fire that was set to explode an old oil drum under a tree. When detained, Comello initially lied about her name and then officers learned there was a warrant out for her arrest. Federal law enforcement has reason to believe the two cases could be linked and warn that there could be more attacks in the coming weeks.


A 44-year-old man from Eugen Oregon, Elias Newton Pendergrass was suspected for an arson attack that burned 400 acres, causing an evacuation just west of Eugene, Oregon. Another middle-aged man was caught setting fires at the Dexter State Recreation Area in Dexter, Oregon. He is currently on the run. The crime network extends to California. In Salinas, a 37-year-old named Anita Esquivel was caught intentionally setting fires along Highway 101 near Boronda road.

Federal agents warn, “We are reacting to a coordinated series of attempts to start fires anywhere and everywhere in Oregon. Public and Private lands, incorporated and unincorporated areas.”

The officers wrote that they are in the preliminary stage of the investigations, but all indications show there is a “coordinated effort” to start fires in areas that are not protected, where the fire could easily get out of control and make its way into populated neighborhoods.

The federal agents warn, “Please take this information as an advisory for you own account and welfare and please act in good faith with due diligence to plan accordingly for your own safety and the well-being of your community.”

Police need community support to help identify arsonists and domestic terror mobs

These arson attacks are a page out of the Antifa and BLM playbook. The arson that these domestic terrorists commit inside the cities is now being taken to the countryside and into the suburban neighborhoods. Law Enforcement Today reports that police departments are getting reports of suspicious group activity in suburban neighborhoods. Suspicious groups are combing through suburban neighborhoods and taking pictures of police vehicles parked at residential homes. Law enforcement offices across the country are making internal changes to protect their off-duty officers. Black Lives Matter groups, Antifa domestic terror networks and their Democrat Party and corporate sponsors continue to accelerate anti-police sentiment and attacks on law enforcement. Law enforcement are now being targeted at their homes and receiving threats through social media, in calls and through emails.

“We expect danger when on the job,” said one sergeant. “But this is different. They are threatening to burn down our homes and kill our families.”

Law enforcement needs the community’s help now more than ever for identifying arsonists who seek to burn down neighborhoods. Black Lives Matter groups continue to seek “reparations” from whites and may seek to burn down their property en masse by starting brush fires outside their communities.

Read AntifaWatch.News to keep up with their domestic terror tactics.

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