Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton slams “sham” investigation by Durham

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Image: Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton slams “sham” investigation by Durham

(Natural News) Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton slammed the criminal probe of how the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) examined alleged ties between President Donald Trump and Russia, which was led by U.S. Attorney John Durham. In a Lou Dobbs Tonight interview on Fox Business, Fitton lamented at how Attorney Durham and Attorney General William Barr are “making no progress” on investigating the roots of the Russian collusion probe aimed at the U.S. president.

The founder of Judicial Watch expressed concern as to why the U.S. attorney is only questioning former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director John Brennan now, despite Attorney Durham’s appointment more than a year ago. With no grand juries, witnesses or lawyers complaining about their clients being summoned – Fitton was inclined to believe that Brennan is definitely not a target of the investigation.

Furthermore, Fitton compared the earlier criminal investigation spearheaded by Special Counsel Robert Mueller with the Durham-led investigation. According to him, the government pressure on witnesses and subjects present in the Mueller probe was absent in the Durham one. Fitton added that Attorney Durham is “not doing the work” required to hold deep state criminals accountable. (Related: Durham inquiry into spying on Trump campaign could drop bombshells by end of summer.)

The earlier investigation by Mueller, which wrapped up in March 2019, did not find evidence that the president colluded with Russia in 2016.

In addition, there was also a clear “contrast and comparison” in how the two investigations handled suspects. Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who pleaded guilty in August for falsifying a surveillance-related document, was “free as a bird” under the Durham investigation according to Dobbs. Meanwhile, Fitton remarked that the FBI managed to arrest a number of individuals under the Mueller probe – which included former White House Chief Strategist Steven Bannon.


Dobbs, in turn, characterized the Durham investigation as a “sham” with its lack of serious pressure. The interview host also noted that the FBI’s slow pace will “take them decades to deal with anything of real complexity.”

Is U.S. Attorney John Durham aiming to prosecute or protect the Deep State?

Attorney General William Barr assigned U.S. Attorney John Durham in May 2019 to investigate the origins of the Russia collusion probe, two months after the inquiry by Mueller wrapped up.

The U.S. Attorney for Connecticut has extensive experience of investigating potential wrongdoing by the FBI and CIA under four presidents. Investigations handled by Attorney Durham included the FBI’s ties with Boston crime boss Whitey Bulger, the CIA’s destruction of interrogation tapes and the alleged mistreatment of terror suspects by both the CIA and government contractors.

Some of Attorney Durham’s past colleagues agreed that he was the best candidate to lead the criminal inquiry on the FBI’s misconduct.

Stanley Twardy, a former U.S. Attorney for Connecticut, said that Attorney Durham does not care if public condemning him for his work. Twardy added that Attorney Durham “wouldn’t hesitate to speak out” if the results of his probe were mischaracterized.

Former FBI agent Kenneth Gray cited Attorney Durham’s long history leading difficult and sensitive government probes as a reason for his eligibility to lead the inquiry. Gray also mentioned that Attorney Durham was detail oriented, “very good at getting to the bottom of things” and “very dogged about getting what he needs to get the answers” – qualities necessary to get to the root of things.

As seen in the Russia collusion probe, the deep state has been trying to undermine President Trump despite winning the election in 2016. Its agents are trying to do so once more – in time for the November election.

Draining the swamp and holding its denizens accountable for their crimes requires quick action from people such as Durham, but just like Friedrich Nietzsche warned: “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become one. For when you gaze long into the abyss, it gazes also into you.”

Find out more about the Deep State and its efforts to undermine President Donald Trump at DeepState.news.

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