The Democrats have spent four years fantasizing about assassinations and carrying out acts of political violence

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Image: The Democrats have spent four years fantasizing about assassinations and carrying out acts of political violence

(Natural News) The Democratic Party has lost all civility over the past four years, ever since Donald Trump became President of the United States. In front of audiences and cameras, the Democrats have repeatedly fantasized about assault, riots, chaos and assassination. By 2020, the Democrats vision has become a morbid reality. Not only have they condoned mass violence on America’s streets but they have also supported the domestic terror movements that are sweeping through the country.

The violence that has been publicized by the Democrats, and the chaos that they have openly encouraged, is now manifesting into fire, destruction, death and mayhem in places like Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, Chicago and D.C., among other U.S. cities.

Democrats must be held responsible for their own vision, words and actions

As the fantasies become reality, Democrats must be held responsible for their own vision, their own words and their own actions. Instead, democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden and the rest of the DNC are trying to blame the ongoing riots, civil unrest and murders on President Trump and his supporters. It’s classic manipulation.

At least thirty people have died due to Democrats inciting and encouraging politically-motivated violence. The continued rioting and destruction of property by BLM and Antifa is just a sampling of what the radical left will do to take control over America.

Americans remember when a lunatic democrat shot up Republicans at a baseball fundraising event. Americans remember when Democrat mayors like Ted Wheeler sided with domestic terrorists, letting his city go up in flames. Americans remember when governors like Kate Brown called the riots “peaceful protest” as BLM vandalism and property destruction began dotting the landscape.


Americans understand that it is Democrats like Nancy Pelosi who repeatedly called for uprisings on U.S. streets. It’s Kamala Harris who has called for daily demonstrations, rallying the democrat base around the chaotic theme of de-funding and dismantling police.

It’s Joe Biden who said, “I said if we’re in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him,” referring to the ideation of assaulting the President.

“I will go and take out Trump tonight,” said Maxine Waters, the California Democrat who rallied for violence against Trump supporters.

The Democrats cowardly vision is as feckless as a spoiled child, throwing a tantrum, but their vision is also capriciously dangerous, a destructive reality that only they, the Democrats, should own up to. The Democrats not only invoke lawless, criminal behavior that seeks to terminate any accountability, but they also openly encourage this lawlessness en masse. They believe, because of their conviction, that they are justified, but other people are not entitled to the same rights and convictions.

The rule of law must prevail in the 2020 election.

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