Getting vaccinated for coronavirus could make the pandemic worse

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Image: Getting vaccinated for coronavirus could make the pandemic worse

(Natural News) Until a Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine becomes publicly available, some government officials have indicated that they want to keep everything under indefinite lockdown. But a vaccine could end up making the plandemic even worse, according to Anthony Fauci.

In case you missed it, Fauci is on record as having stated in the past that earlier vaccine candidates for other coronaviruses produced a “suboptimal response.” He went on to explain that they actually “enhanced pathogenesis of the disease, which is always worrisome.”

The Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom (CCHF) in Minnesota has issued an urgent plea calling on government officials and health authorities to take note of Fauci’s words in addressing current vaccine policy.

“First, there’s ‘no guarantee’ a COVID-19 vaccine will work and second, it could ‘backfire,’ strengthening the virus,” the group has said, as reported by WND.

It was on May 12 that Fauci warned about “two major unknowns” concerning a vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), which for all intents and purposes is little more than a mutated cold virus.

“I think we should very carefully listen to Dr. Fauci’s concerns,” says Twila Brase, R.N., president and co-founder of CCHF. “No coronavirus vaccine has been developed despite earlier coronavirus pandemics.”

While it would normally take years for a newly developed vaccine to come to market, President Donald Trump has promised fast-tracked vaccines for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) as part of his “Operation Warp Speed” plandemic response.


“The American public should be concerned about the possibility that a COVID-19 vaccine may ‘backfire,'” Brase further warns.

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2012 study found that SARS coronavirus vaccines made virus worse in test mice

A case-in-point was the infamous SARS pandemic of 2012. The global spread of this earlier iteration of coronavirus was used as an excuse to try to develop a corresponding vaccine, a project that utterly crashed and burned.

Test mice that were given the experimental jab appeared to develop some antibodies, but they also got sicker than the other mice that were not treated with the vaccine.

“Researchers discovered the mice, who were believed to have developed antibodies, had actually gotten sicker,” CCHF says. “The study concluded the vaccines had made the coronavirus more virulent, and issued ‘caution in proceeding to application of SARS-CoV vaccine in humans.'”

Despite all the vaccinated mice developing antibodies, injection with the vaccine resulted in the occurrence of what is known as Th2-type immunopathology, which suggests hypersensitivity to the components included in the SARS-CoV jab.

In lieu of favorable science, Yale wants to coerce people into getting coronavirus jabs by spreading “shame” and “guilt”

Since there is no evidence whatsoever that any Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine will be safe or effective, the plan, at least at Yale University is simply to “guilt” and “shame” resisters into getting jabbed.

A study conducted by Yale researchers concluded that the best way to enforce compliance is to call those who refuse the vaccine “not brave,” and to further suggest that they are selfish and do not “trust in science.”

In contrast to firefighters, doctors and front-line medical workers, all of whom are “brave,” according to Yale, vaccine resisters are cowards, this negative label representing a tool that the vaccine-pushers hope will compel more people to get vaccinated.

“Despite the danger of the vaccine backfiring, and before any of the vaccine trials have proven a vaccine to be safe and effective, proponents are busy figuring out how to force the public to get vaccinated,” Brase says about this desperate attempt to use character assassination as a tool to force vaccine compliance.

“Proponents want the unvaccinated banned from airplanes, buses, or trains, and want everyone to provide ‘evidence of immunization’ to enter public and private auditoriums and spaces. But Americans should be concerned about these proposals, this vaccine, and those who wish to ‘plunge it into their arm.’ People have no idea what they’re signing up for with this vaccine.”

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