Ocasio-Cortez cheers destruction of cities, rioting, and looting as she claims it’s “profoundly exciting” to see mobs “in the streets”

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Image: Ocasio-Cortez cheers destruction of cities, rioting, and looting as she claims it’s “profoundly exciting” to see mobs “in the streets”

(Natural News) If you still harbor doubts about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Marxist/socialist tendencies or that she and Democrats like her are 110 percent behind the fomenting of a full-blown revolution within our country, what she had to say about the ongoing rioting and violence gripping cities run by her party should convince you.

In an interview with far-Left Vanity Fair, the 29-year-old former bartender lauded a purported political shift in America saying people — that would be the rioters and looters — are “discovering their own power” and called that “profoundly exciting.”

If you go back and listen to speeches by previous Marxist/Communist revolutionaries like Vladimir Lenin, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, you’ll find that AOC talks just like they did, using the same choice of words and phrases.

As for the magazine and the interview, Vanity Fair featured Ocasio-Cortez in a photo collection “celebrating the founders of Black Lives Matter, the Squad, John Boyega, Noname, Billy Porter and more on the forefront of change.”

‘Change’ to the Left means that they seek to change our founding, constitutional system into something our forefathers actually rebelled against — so there’s that.

The author of the essay accompanying the portfolio, Jacqueline Woodson, said she wants to “look into the face of a country built on the bodies of Black folks as more than 400 years of rage and a balance long overdue bites it on its a**, paints a yellow brick road into Black Lives Matter plazas, topples its long-held beliefs, monuments, and Confederate flags.”


[Fact check: America wasn’t “built on the bodies of black folks.” All races built our country and all have made contributions to its greatness.]

When she was asked, “How does this moment feel different and why,” Ocasio-Cortez told the magazine that “people are really discovering their own power in a broader sense that we have not seen in a very long time” and mentioned the actions “in the street.” (Related: Pelosi declares Republicans to be “enemies of the state” and launches plan to seize the White House by force… the season of TREASON is here.)

“So, yes, we’re starting to see some of this emerging power at the ballot box and at the polls, but we’re also starting to see it in the streets, and people standing up for themselves in the workplace, in organizing themselves and their labor,” AOC continued, calling it “profoundly exciting.”

“And it’s really incredible to see how people are really taking the reins for themselves in the direction of systemic change,” she continued.

Breitbart noted: 

Despite painting a rosy picture of peaceful social justice activists taking their calls for change to the streets, Ocasio-Cortez did not condemn the lawless activities that have dominated several of the protests nationwide in the interview.

The epicenter for the Left-wing anarchy is Portland, Ore., where rioting and looting and destruction have gone on for more than 90 straight days and nights. But of course, the violence has not been limited to Portland; other major U.S. cities including Seattle, Chicago, St. Louis, New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles, among others, have all experienced various (and worsening) levels of unrest.

And on Sunday, we added a new city: Kenosha, Wis., a once-peaceful enclave of about 100,000 people situated on Lake Michigan. Following an officer-involved shooting of a black man, that city erupted in violence, with Black Lives Matter thugs and other anarchists tearing into businesses, burning shops, breaking down city infrastructure and terrorizing innocent people — because that helps win supporters to your ‘cause.’

But hey, let’s get giddy about of this violence and destruction because as a Marxist, AOC knows that you can’t have a cultural, social and political revolution that changes our country’s founding if everything is peaceful and Americans are content.

No, that only happens through violence, and while the uber-Left-wing Vanity Fair won’t expose that truth, we will gladly do so because Americans need to know what people like AOC represent and what their ultimate objective really is.

One more thing: If these Leftist-Marxists destroy the existing order and chaos ensues, there won’t be any system in place to protect them from the wrath of the tens of millions of Americans whose country they sacked.

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