CNN literally lies all day, every day, but refuses to air Trump’s speech to RNC over his alleged “lies”

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Image: CNN literally lies all day, every day, but refuses to air Trump’s speech to RNC over his alleged “lies”

(Natural News) Any adult who pays even the slightest attention to politics knows that political leaders embellish.

They just do. They often overstate their accomplishments, take credit for getting things done they don’t deserve, and often flat-out lie about things.

But never before has a so-called ‘news’ network cut away from a presidential speech to his party’s nominating convention because a host ‘determined’ that the nominee wasn’t being honest.

So now, CNN can claim another ‘first.’

Breitbart News reported:

Monday, the GOP formally nominated President Donald Trump for reelection. As Trump delivered remarks following his nomination, “CNN Newsroom” cut away from the speech and criticized him for his “misleading” statements and “outright lies.”

After cutting the interview, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper noted Trump went “negative” at the convention after promising to be “positive.” He added the president “falsely” attacked mail-in voting and “falsely” accused Democrats of wanting to shut down the country to hurt the economy and thus hurt him at the ballot box.

“After vowing to have a positive convention, the president goes negative in its first moments. He started off falsely attacking mail-in voting. He’s continuing attack mail-in voting and, as the postmaster general testifies that the attacks are ‘unhelpful.’ [sic] That’s his own postmaster general,” Cooper said. (Related: STUDY: 150 TIMES more negative news on Trump than Biden.)

“He also criticized the media for airing the postmaster’s hearing instead of his roll call. He falsely accused Democrats of wanting to shut down the country to hurt the economy and somehow help them at the ballot box. Unclear how angering the entire country by shutting down would help them in the ballot box. He attacked North Carolina’s governor for putting limits on crowds during a convention,” he continued.


CNN correspondent John King joined in.

“This is a sad thing to say, but a lot of what you just heard from the President of the United States is wrong, misleading, and outright lies,” he said. “Wrong, misleading and outright lies.”

Oh, brother.

Ordinarily, if there is anyone in journalism who knows about spreading falsehoods, it’s just about anyone who works at CNN.

The network lied consistently when it pushed the ‘Russian collusion hoax.’ In fact, CNN’s own “investigative team” resigned after publishing a story about Trump and Russia that was so fake they had no other choice but to tuck tail and move on.

Indeed, CNN actually hires accused and known liars. National security analyst and former Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper “lied under oath before the Senate Intelligence Committee,” the Washington Examiner has noted. More recently, the network hired fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who “lied repeatedly to investigators,” some of which “were under oath,” the outlet added.

So, if anyone has a problem being honest, it’s CNN.

But in fact, much of what the president said was true; CNN’s perpetually Trump-deranged journos just didn’t want to hear what he had to say.

And let’s be clear about the difference: Barack Obama used to lie like it was job, and CNN not only did not ever cut away from him, they worshiped him like a god and still to this day consider him to be one of our greatest presidents.

Even though he weaponized the deep state’s intelligence apparatus as well as the Justice Department and FBI to spy on his chosen successor’s (Hillary Clinton) rival campaign (and we’d still like to know how much of that Clinton knew about and was in on).

Remember all the lies Obama told just about his signature healthcare plan? And speaking of Obama and journalists, remember when Obama had his FBI spying on journalists (Obama sure liked to spy a lot, didn’t he)?

CNN is the least-watched cable news outlet because it is also one of the most outrageous, irresponsible and least trustworthy.

And that’s the truth.

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