German pedophile network was supported by government for decades

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Image: German pedophile network was supported by government for decades

(Natural News) More evidence is coming to light about how German government agencies supported the systematic sexual abuse inflicted on foster children throughout the country by pedophiles and knowingly placed children with abusive foster fathers.

One of the main enablers of this decades-long problem was social education professor Helmut Kentler, who was responsible for twisted comments about sexual relationships between adults and children such as, “If such relationships are not discriminated against by the surroundings, the more the older one feels responsible for the younger one, the more positive consequences for personality development can be expected.” Unfortunately, some of his teachings still form part of a modern “sexual pedagogy of diversity” used by day care centers and schools today.

One of the more prolific abusers was a foster parent known as Fritz H., who sexually abused and raped at least nine children in his three decades of fostering. Boys as young as six or seven years old were regularly placed with him by youth welfare offices in Berlin, and he was protected by Kentler and his supporters in the local Senate administration, German newspaper Berliner Zeitung reports.

According to the paper, he was somehow chosen to foster time and time again despite having a past conviction for child abuse. Officials often ignored “extreme warning signs” and left children with him over the span of several years. He started fostering in the early 1970s and stopped in 2003.

According to a new study by the University of Hildesheim, there were lots of strong signs that Fritz H. should be removed from the foster care system, but nothing was ever done about it – and a young man’s death remains unexplained. The study began after several of the victims came forward to share their stories. Researchers have gone through countless files and carried out interviews, and thousands of files have yet to be studied.


Somehow, Kentler staunchly defended Fritz H. as a foster parent and used his position as an expert to protect the abuser from repercussions. He said that kids were sexual beings who needed to express that sexuality, which he felt would unleash energies in them that could help democratize German society.

Abuse in Germany was widespread

Although much of what has been uncovered in the study took place in Berlin, the study’s authors believe this type of behavior took place across the country. Berlin and its district youth welfare officers were in charge of numerous foster homes throughout Germany.

There was also systematic abuse at the “progressive” Odenwald boarding school in Hesse, West Germany. As many as 900 students were sexually abused between the mid-1960s and late 1980s, and the victims were powerless to do anything about it. Boys who had been labeled “difficult” were often sent to this school.

Hedwig von Beverfoerde, who founded a pro-family organization known as Demo fur Alle, told LifeSite News that Kentler’s teachings are the basis of “sexual education of diversity” being taught in schools and daycare centers around the country. She pointed out that the guidelines and curricula for sex education are being updated and that external sex educators are being given opportunities to appear in German schools.

She said: “We must finally stop the dangerous sex-ideological virus of Helmut Kentler, which has infected our children for decades! The most important thing is to create publicity. The public debate about their goals and their machinations is something the actors of sexual diversity fear like the devil fears holy water.”

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