Democrat-run states need to bail themselves out, not demand that someone else foot the bill

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Image: Democrat-run states need to bail themselves out, not demand that someone else foot the bill

(Natural News) In exchange for their cooperation in passing another Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) relief bill, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats are demanding that the Trump administration bail out Democrat-run states like California and New York that are in a serious financial hole. But is this really the responsibility of taxpayers who live in well-run states that are financially sound?

Pelosi has repeatedly made it clear that neither she nor her colleagues are willing to make any kind of deal until and unless the cash starts flowing to leftist states. In essence, this is holding the rest of the country hostage, including the tens of millions of people who are still without work and struggling simply to make ends meet.

This continued stonewalling by Pelosi and the Democrats is hurting everyday Americans, in other words – but do they care? The answer is: of course not. They only care about themselves, and since they utterly failed to balance the budgets in their own collapsing states, they now want Trump to swoop in and save the day with taxpayer money from other states.

For at least the past month, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and their fellow Democrat cohorts have been holding out in expectation of a handout, which sadly the Trump administration is poised to offer them. According to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, the Trump administration is “prepared to put more money on the table,” and “the president is determined to spend what we need to spend” to get the job done.

What this suggests is that Trump is planning to cave and give the Democrats what they want, to which we are vehemently responding with: no deal. Under no circumstances should Trump kowtow to the Democrats in bailing out their failed states as a condition of their cooperation in passing a relief bill.


The only thing Democrats know is extortion

In a follow-up tweet to Mnuchin’s public statements, Trump himself indicated that Schumer and Pelosi now “want to meet to make a deal.” Trump did not explain why they want to meet, but chided them for waiting all this time to cooperate, allowing previous bailout provisions to expire and put millions of Americans in dire straits.

“Where have they been for the last 4 weeks when they were ‘hardliners,’ and only wanted BAILOUT MONEY for Democrat run states and cities that are failing badly?” Trump asked. “They know my phone number!”

What the Democrats are doing, in essence, is extorting the public trust to save their own butts, all the while blaming Trump for supposedly putting the stock market before American lives, or at least this is what Pelosi claimed in response to Trump’s recent executive orders.

“It shouldn’t be partisan that we would feed our children,” Pelosi said, failing to see the irony in her projections. “It shouldn’t be partisan that we not allow people to be evicted because they’re caught up in a pandemic.”

It is Schumer and Pelosi who are turning the whole thing into a partisan battle, originally demanding some $3.4 trillion in “coronavirus aid” as a contingency for their support. As of this writing, these Democrats have agreed to shave $1 trillion off the ransom.

This is still $1 trillion more than the White House was planning to spend, however, which is why Trump is still not agreeing to it. While Trump is willing to spend more money, Mnuchin says, he is not willing to spend “unlimited amounts of money that don’t make sense,” which is what the Democrats are demanding.

“We’ve offered more money for state and local [governments],” Mnuchin is quoted as saying. “But we’re not going to give at trillion … that’s just not a reasonable approach.”

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