Convicted doper, cheater Lance Armstrong refuses to sell bicycles to police officers because of “racism”

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Image: Convicted doper, cheater Lance Armstrong refuses to sell bicycles to police officers because of “racism”

(Natural News) An Austin bicycle shop owned by disgraced doper and cheater Lance Armstrong is refusing to sell any more bikes to the Austin Police Department (APD) because of how the department is treating the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

According to general manager Will Black, all of the employees at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop agree that APD should no longer be allowed to purchase any cycling equipment because the rioters and looters that have swarmed Austin in recent days do not approve of the local police response to their violence.

“It was a staff-wide store decision,” Black is quoted as saying. “It’s something we discussed for a pretty good length of time to make sure we were all on the same page and doing the right thing. All of us were uncomfortable with what’s going on. It’s all the people who work at the bike shop.”

Mellow Johnny’s had previously maintained a contract with APD to outfit its officers with patrol bicycles. APD had reportedly been purchasing about 50 bikes per year from Mellow Johnny’s as part of a $300,000 agreement.

This contract has since been canceled, however, as Mellow Johnny’s no longer aligns with the mission of APD. Instead of trying to keep the peace and maintain civility, APD should instead be supporting the agenda of BLM and Antifa, would seem to be Mellow Johnny’s new position.

“Our entire employee group was engaged in this dialogue and we delved deep into our community to understand how we could best do our part to keep our customers safe and city moving in the right direction,” reads a tweet by Mellow Johnny’s.


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If Mellow Johnny’s really cares about ethics and morals, perhaps it’s time to part ways with Lance Armstrong

That a company owned by a liar, cheater, drug-addict, and all-around scumbag is pretending to care about doing what is “right” for the “community” is hilariously ironic. All things considered, there is nothing good that can be said about Lance Armstrong, who is the literal embodiment of “white privilege” and social injustice.

Armstrong cheated and used illegal drugs to get ahead in his career, and despite losing his titles is still raking in the dough as a free and obscenely wealthy untouchable living at the upper crust of society. Does it get any more unjust than that?

“While the business appears willing to castigate its local police department for supposed abuses, its entire public image and incentive structure is based upon the legacy of a man who took performance-enhancing drugs to secure an undue advantage for his own competitive gain,” is how Richard Moorhead puts it, writing for Big League Politics.

Hilariously, Mellow Johnny’s indicated in its public statement that despite parting ways with APD, the store still expects local police officers to protect the business from the alleged threats it says it has been receiving.

Keep in mind that this is the same Mellow Johnny’s that in the past also blacklisted companies that sell or manufacture firearms from purchasing its bikes. Apparently, anyone who disagrees with the virtue signaling of a trash-person like Lance Armstrong is to be treated unequally as a second-class citizen, and barred from owning an Armstrong bike.

“If the police would just let these businesses be destroyed and leave the employees unprotected (as they leave citizens unprotected from Antifa and BLM criminals robbing, assaulting, looting etc…) that would be AWESOME and they’d get the message loud and clear!” wrote one Big League Politics commenter.

“ENOUGH OF THIS FREAKIN’ LUNACY!” this same commenter added.

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