Amazon bans “China Virus” book about Canada’s failed plandemic response

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Image: Amazon bans “China Virus” book about Canada’s failed plandemic response

(Natural News) Jeff Bezos is once again on a censorship spree, this time with the imposition of a fresh ban on China Virus: How Justin Trudeau’s Pro-Communist Ideology Is Putting Canadians in Danger, a book that expresses criticism towards Canada’s response to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Because the information contained in this book does not match the official government narrative about the plandemic, Bezos’ Amazon empire has decided to instead refer its customers to “official sources” of information on the subject in order to keep the ruse going for as long as possible.

Author Ezra Levant, the founder of Rebel News, says that the book is “purely a discussion of Canada-China politics, as the very title makes clear.” But this is not enough for Amazon, which issued a response to Levant that states:

“Due to the rapidly changing nature of information around the coronavirus, we are referring customers to official sources about the virus. As a result (sic) we are not offering your book for sale.”

For the first two months following the book’s release, Amazon refused to list it on its platform at all. However, the tech giant finally relented, resulting in massive sales and a rapid rise to Amazon’s bestseller list.

This caught the attention of the deep state cabal, of course, which appears to have quickly intervened to get the book removed from Amazon. As a result, the book is no longer No. 1 on Kindle in Canada and No. 2 in the country among paperbacks.

Following the ban, Rebel News has been giving away an e-book version of the title for free on its website. It has also arranged with a publisher to release a paperback version that people can purchase elsewhere.


“They say the book contradicts ‘official sources’ of information about the virus,” reads the official China Virus book website. “But the book does not give medical advice.”

Jeff Bezos is desperate to become best buddies with communist China

Ironically, Amazon’s pulling of China Virus from its title lineup is Chinese-style censorship, and exactly the type of thing that the book itself highlights as being a prominent feature of the communist Chinese regime.

We have seen this type of thing before, of course, including with Amazon’s censorship of Killing Free Speech, a documentary about Amazon-style censorship of politically correct content and information.

There would seem to be no topic too generic or innocuous that Amazon is unwilling to censor these days, which means vendors and content creators need to beware, especially if they are hoping to make any money using the Amazon platform.

Keep in mind that Bezos is actively trying to ingratiate himself with China in order to gain access to the massive untapped market that exists there. Part of this requires censoring all content that is critical off the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), including the role it played in unleashing the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

In the meantime, Levant is continuing to hawk his book straight from the source by giving it away for free on his website. He is recommending a donation of any amount for people who choose to download it, noting that the e-book had been selling on Amazon for $7.50 a pop.

“No one knows how deeply China has penetrated our society,” wrote one WND commenter in response to the news. “Where are the late night TV China jokes?”

“We know that Amazon is among the premiere haters of truth and promoters of Fake News propaganda,” wrote another. “The left hates anyone who does not promote their Marxist, destroy-America narrative.”

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