Tyrannical L.A. mayor threatened to cut off power and water to “non-essential” businesses that wouldn’t obey his coronavirus order

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Image: Tyrannical L.A. mayor threatened to cut off power and water to “non-essential” businesses that wouldn’t obey his coronavirus order

(Natural News) Leftist Democrats repeatedly tell us that President Donald Trump is a ‘threat’ to our republic because he’s a ‘tyrant’ and a ‘wannabe king’ who routinely tramples our rights and takes away our liberties.

Only, they can’t ever tell you exactly which rights the president has denied or taken away from us. 

Sane people on either side of the political spectrum understand that in our system, presidents can’t simply create laws on his own — unless you’re Barack Obama and you pull DACA out of your backside after telling Americans repeatedly that he didn’t have the authority to do it.

In any event, the reality is, Democrats are the narcissistic authoritarians, not Republicans, and certainly not the president, as evidenced by a threat issued in recent days by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

After having been ordered closed because they were deemed “non-essential” in the age of the coronavirus pandemic, business owners were keen to get reopened so they could start earning a living again.

But no. 

Garcetti, who hasn’t lost a single dime’s worth of his $248,141 in annual salary (not to mention great parking downtown), not only refused to ‘allow’ those businesses to remain open, he threatened to cut off their power and water services (and would no doubt have allowed the water and power company to turn right around and bill the business owner for the shut-off and eventual re-connection).

Can you imagine how many Left-wing heads would explode if President Trump made such a threat?

KTLA reported that Garcetti made the threat in April: 


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti opened his daily briefing Tuesday recognizing what may have been the first teenage COVID-19 death in L.A. County and went on to announce actions against nonessential businesses that don’t close and a new portal for recruiting medics.

He reminded young people that the virus can hit them too, urging them to stay at home and practice social distancing.

“We need to be prepared for some of the darkness that is ahead,” the mayor said at the time. “Each one of us can be a light. We can light a match of hope. We can navigate that tunnel with each other and not alone. And more importantly, what we do can ensure that more people exit that tunnel together… and that our city will rise again.”

More recently, Garcetti threatened to cut off water and power to homes. What a Nazi.

It’s easy to speak of hope when you’re not the one losing any money.

What’s amazing about all of this is that Garcetti’s threat was celebrated at the time, not just by Leftists in the Democrat Party but a great many L.A. residents who obviously have no problem with tyranny. Of course, the vast majority of those residents didn’t own a business that had been ordered closed.

The shutdown never made any sense — in L.A. or even in New York City, the one-time epicenter of the virus. Neither did the ‘stay at home’ mandates.

People were still permitted to go out to “essential” businesses and shop. 

There were no Americans who were completely banned from going outdoors or from engaging in forms of ‘acceptable’ commerce.

As such, the virus continued to spread. And say what you want about masks, the fact is, mask-wearing mandates we’ve seen pop up everywhere over just the past few weeks, had they been issued sooner, would likely have saved a ton of businesses from going under. And our economy from tanking. And tens of millions of Americans from losing their jobs.

Never before in our history have we quarantined well people along with the infected, closed down our economy, and boarded ourselves up in our homes over a virus.

As we can see with Garcetti, Americans worried that would-be tyrants would use COVID-19 as a pretext to stomp out our liberties were right.

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