Pro-America conservative and Coast Guard vet James Bradley taking on Lefty Dem incumbent Ted Lieu whose California district is a disaster

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Image: Pro-America conservative and Coast Guard vet James Bradley taking on Lefty Dem incumbent Ted Lieu whose California district is a disaster

(Natural News) One thing most Americans can agree on: Congress hasn’t done much to improve our lives of late because the vast majority of leadership in both chambers have been there for decades and have learned how to game the system.

They serve, alright. They serve themselves.

This is especially true of California’s overwhelmingly Democratic congressional delegation. Led by the current Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, California’s Democrats haven’t done much at all for their state except fly across the country to ignore what is happening on the streets of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, and scores of other cities in the ‘Golden State.’

While California itself has amassed the world’s fifth-largest gross domestic product, the state also leads in the number of homeless people per capita and has the highest per capita poverty rate:

How does a U.S. state manage to produce one-quarter of national gross domestic product, rise to the sixth-largest economy in the world all on its own, and become the globe’s leading technology hub — and still manage to have the highest poverty rate in the entire country?

That’s a question for the Democrats who have long run that one-party enclave.

These are Left-wing policies implemented by Left-wing local and state leaders and defended by the Left-wing Democrats the state sends to Congress. That means that the fish is rotting from the head on down.

And there’s only one way to stop the rot: Change the faces of the state’s congressional delegation.

James P. Bradley, a Coast Guard veteran and an America-first conservative, is doing his part to change at least one of those faces: That of Rep. Ted Lieu, who currently ‘represents’ the state’s 33rd District.

One of the biggest Leftist partisans in Congress, Lieu’s district is a mess. Bradley thinks it’s time that the district got a facelift — and a new face —  his.

“We, the people who value freedom, must unite under God to vote Ted Lieu out of office, a career politician who is sympathetic to radical groups like the Chinese Communist Party, Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and Governor Newsome in destroying California,” Bradley said in a statement to Natural News.

“He has annihilated our small businesses, laid off doctors, nurses, first responders, firemen and defunded the police. On January 1, 2020, AB5 made it illegal for certain self-employed and independent contractors to work in the state of California,” Bradley adds.

“Stealing educational funds, banning Charter schools, and coming after homeschoolers is a violation to equal access to education. The systematic erosion of parental rights and true informed consent must end, we need school choice and heath freedom,” Bradley continued.

“Most importantly, we must push back against indefinitely closing churches during this time when people are losing hope because of unemployment, not able to put food on the table, and being evicted from their homes. Suicide rate has doubled.  We need to address Veterans and Homelessness with empathetic solutions and doing nothing is not an option,” Bradley said. 

“While claiming to be the party of science, the Democratic Party has scared residents with COVID-19, despite the science clearly showing that the healthy and children are less likely to get it or die than the seasonal flu,” the Coast Guard vet continues. 

“Still, our government insists that Californians needlessly reduce the oxygen intake to their brains, and put themselves at risk of weakening their own immune systems while causing lung infections by masking up. We need our God-given Constitutional rights back. We need California back,” he added.

In reality, America needs California back. The state is too big and too prosperous to sit back and watch it crash. But it’s not going to ‘come back’ as long as it’s being run and represented by a party that is about to nominate a mental invalid because they want to use him to be a figurehead president so they can govern in the shadows.

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