The Leftist media’s “peaceful protests” lie is collapsing as cities around the country are consumed by anarchy

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Image: The Leftist media’s “peaceful protests” lie is collapsing as cities around the country are consumed by anarchy

(Natural News) For weeks, the disgusting ‘mainstream media’ has been doing its level best to ignore or downplay the abject lawlessness and anarchy permeating America’s largest cities.

As crime rates and murders soared, the shameless propagandists who seemingly work for the Marxist Democrat Party tried to convince Americans that what was really taking place in these cities were peaceful protests dominated by people ‘concerned about social justice’ following the George Floyd incident.

The reality is, ever since the incident in Minneapolis, riots and looting have dominated most ‘protests.’ If you doubt that, then ask yourself how it is that ordinary citizens in that beleaguered city are forming armed vigilante groups to protect their businesses and neighborhoods from the law of the jungle. Police there have been so neutered that they are no longer reliable. 

In other cities like Portland, thug Antifa and Black Lives Matter types as well as other Left-wing groups have besieged a federal courthouse, attacking it and the federal officers protecting it nightly for the past two months.

The only images of the attacks that you’re likely to see outside of Fox News and One American News are on social media; independent journalists are on the ground every night capturing images and video of what resembles life in a war zone.

During his opening segment Monday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson lamented all of the violence, as well as the fact that almost no one in the mainstream media is being honest about what’s going on — in Minneapolis, in Portland, in Seattle, and beyond: 

You may have a Glock in your hand, but on Election Day, you have precisely as many votes as the little old lady who disagrees with you. That’s our system. The weak are supposed to have as much power over the government as the strong, and that is the basis of our equality as Americans, something that we should cherish and protect.

Political violence immediately short circuits this. It ends democracy. Violence instead returns us to the most primitive of all systems, one in which might makes right. People who hurt others get to do exactly what they want. Everyone else has to obey them. There is no greater threat to civilization than this and we used to understand that because it’s obvious.


“The liars of ‘The New York Times’ described the riots as quote, protests, as if the violence was justified or could be justified,” Carlson continued. 

“Because no lie is too absurd for CNN to tell, the network described violence against police as quote, ‘a demonstration against police violence.’ Got that? It’s a perfect inversion of the truth worthy of 1984. Ignorance is strength. Freedom is slavery. War is peace,” he added. “They repeat it because they expect you to believe it and no doubt some do.”

But the lie — the media narrative — is collapsing. Americans are more digitally connected today than at any time in our history. (Related: Armed BLM rioter learns the hard way what happens when you open fire on a civilian vehicle in TEXAS (graphic).)

Every night that another protest/riot/melee takes place, those images are posted on social media somewhere, by someone. Many of those clips go viral; it’s fast becoming impossible for the liars at CNN, the Times, the Washington Post, and the broadcast and cable news networks to look us in the eye and tell us we’re not really seeing what we’re seeing.

No doubt Democrats are aiding and abetting this violence because they believe if they allow the heat to be turned up enough, a majority of Americans will vote for ‘change’ in November, that change being their party and the figurehead president, Joe Biden.

But in reality, what’s likely going on is that each new act of violence, especially against police and federal agents, is turning more Americans back towards the ‘law-and-order president,’ Donald Trump. 

Not even the dishonest media can stop that.

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