China now dominating global drug trafficking with money laundering and chemical production

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Image: China now dominating global drug trafficking with money laundering and chemical production

(Natural News) If you thought that the worst thing China has done recently is unleash COVID-19 on the world, you’d be close…but wrong.

In reality, the ChiComs in Beijing have already become a global threat to America and the West in general after years’ worth of maneuvering so they could come to dominate illicit drug trafficking as a means of attacking our countries from within.

As reported by The Epoch Times, criminal networks based in China or run by Chinese operatives push out tons of drug-making chemicals while helping to launder billions of dollars annually for the increasingly powerful Mexico-based cartels, even as most of the attention has been focused on violence south of the U.S. border.

“Clearly the Chinese are way more dangerous, way more sophisticated, way more complex, and way more of a national security threat to America — it’s not even a comparison [with Mexican cartels],” said Derek Maltz, the former chief of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s special ops division, in an interview with the news outlet.

He says that cartel leaders have struck up agreements with Chinese money-laundering bosses based in Mexico that have led to lasting, mutually advantageous and profitable relationships while laying the groundwork for rapid growth.

“China’s commercial and manufacturing industries have transformed China into a key international hub and criminal magnet for money laundering activities and illicit financial transactions,” a DEA spokesman told the outlet.

The Epoch Times adds: 

In June, a Chinese man pleaded guilty in connection with laundering more than $4 million in drug proceeds generated by large-scale cocaine trafficking in the United States, specifically Virginia.


The man, Xueyong Wu, worked with Latin American drug trafficking organizations to repatriate the money to Mexico through a “complex series of international financial transactions,” according to the Department of Justice (DOJ). Wu received a percentage of the money involved.

Another Chinese man was convicted in March for coordinating drug money collection in Chicago for Mexico-based cartels and then transferring it into bank accounts located in China, the Justice Department added.

“Xianbing Gan directed the money transfers while living in Guadalajara, Mexico, but was arrested at Los Angeles airport during a stopover from Hong Kong to Mexico,” the news outlet reported.

Maltz notes that traditionally, money laundering operations charge about 8 percent for laundering bulk amounts of cash. However, the Chinese networks took over the industry by dramatically cutting their commissions to as low as 1 percent or, sometimes, for nothing at all.

That makes perfect sense if the objective of the ChiComs isn’t to earn income (China’s economy is the second-largest in the world) but to undermine the United States and Western powers with a flood of powerful, deadly drugs. (Related: Mexican drug cartels using illegal immigration flood as cover to smuggle operatives and hard drugs into the U.S.)

“It’s a brilliant business idea,” Maltz said. “They set up very sophisticated, complex, trade-based money laundering schemes where hundreds of millions of dollars are picked up and used to buy consumer goods in China. 

“And then the consumer goods are shipped into Central America, South America, all over the region in Latin America, to launder the proceeds for the drug traffickers in Mexico as well,” he added.

Chinese citizens living in the U.S. also operate another popular scheme called the Chinese Underground Banking System. Not only do such operations launder money, they also assist Chinese nationals living in America in accessing huge amounts of money, the DEA said.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the DEA began targeting precursor chemicals used in the manufacture of meth. 

“During that same timeframe, the geniuses in the Sinaloa cartel like ‘Chapo’ Guzman and others were aligning themselves with the Chinese organized crime groups, and they were importing multi-ton shipments of chemicals from China right into Mexico — specifically to produce methamphetamine,” Maltz said, resulting in the establishment of massive meth labs in the country.

“Chinese are also operating all over [in] Panama and areas of Central America, as well as working on large cocaine shipments to Asia and other parts of the world,” Maltz added. “People don’t realize that ethnic Chinese are down there in the trenches organizing large-scale cocaine shipments as well.”

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