Police bodycam footage of Seattle violence released depicting mass mayhem that left 59 officers injured

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Image: Police bodycam footage of Seattle violence released depicting mass mayhem that left 59 officers injured

(Natural News) The Seattle Police Department (SPD) has finally released some of the bodycam footage showing what happened last Saturday as Black Lives Matter (BLM) rioters tore up the city with explosives, injuring at least 59 officers.

The footage, which has also been uploaded to Brighteonbe sure to watch below – depicts officers moving down a street with bicycles in-hand as BLM rioters suddenly begin tossing explosives and other projectiles at them.

As you will notice, the officers were taken aback at the situation, and obviously did not expect the violence that came their way. In addition to explosives, these same officers were also met with bottles, rocks and wood pieces, which harmed a number of them.

In the first clip, the officer wearing the bodycam is seen roiling backwards after an explosive device hit the ground and blew up in front of him. As he retreats, you can see him shaking his hand in pain because something struck him.

As it turns out, he and dozens of other officers were also injured by this and other blasts that came at them during the melee. At least one of these incidents required hospital care, while most others were burns, abrasions, bruises, and at least one torn meniscus.

Officers continued to try to herd the mob away from the East Precinct, only to have explosives and projectiles repeatedly hurled their way. Multiple buildings were also damaged, including an eight-inch hole that was blown through a wall at the precinct.

“The confined area made the blast focus out to the street + into the [precinct],” the department wrote in an announcement, which included a detailed diagram illustrating what happened.

Detectives who specialize in arson, bombs are working to identify culprits

While an investigation is still underway to determine who is responsible for this series of incidents, we do know that 47 people were arrested for disabling security cameras at a nearby construction site before setting it on fire and destroying it.

“This is clearly domestic terrorism,” wrote Mike Solan, president of the Seattle police union, in a social media post. He also shared an article detailing the officers who were injured during these and other encounters.

Seattle city officials have yet to comment on the situation, and have not even held a press briefing about it since July 24. It was on this day that they urged the “protesters” to remain peaceful, which clearly had no effect.

Instead, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin, a Democrat, along with five other mayors in nearby cities, wrote to members of Congress urging them to make it illegal for the federal government to deploy its own officers to the city. They emphasized that any further attempts by President Donald Trump to send more officers to the area for backup will be rejected.

Some of the protesters have also issued their own comments, including 24-year-old Cass Bunting who told the Seattle Times that he was supposedly assaulted by officers who threw an explosive device into a group unprovoked.

“I felt an explosion at my feet,” Bunting stated. “I promptly lost feeling. Those kind of instances of brutality brings to the surface the violence of the system and the inequity and the problems that people are protesting.”

While the SPD has indicated that it will not use tear gas to try to contain these crowds, it is using so-called “blast balls,” which a federal judge recently approved as an effective crowd control tool.

More related news about the violence and chaos taking place in American cities at the hands of BLM and Antifa terrorists is available at Chaos.news.

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