Mainstream media helping communist China justify the slaughter of Falun Gong practitioners

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Image: Mainstream media helping communist China justify the slaughter of Falun Gong practitioners

(Natural News) A major Australian media outlet has decided to aid and abet the communist Chinese regime in trying to eradicate Falun Gong practitioners from China by unfairly demonizing them on television.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, which we will refer to as ABC Australia (as opposed to ABC News here in the United States) for clarity, is reportedly airing a new program called, “Dark Karma (and The Power of Falun Gong)” that in many ways aims to justify the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) 21-year history of persecution against the Falun Gong.

“Dark Karma” is described as a joint investigation by ABC Australia’s Foreign Correspondent and Background Briefing that takes a closer look at the Buddhist qigong discipline through the alleged experiences of those who interacted with its practitioners and their activities.

The show was apparently created in conjunction with communist China’s so-called “610 office,” an extralegal police force established by the CCP more than two decades ago that The Epoch Times likens to “the Gestapo.”

Named for the date it was created back on June 10, 1999, the 610 office was contrived under former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin for the sole purpose of eradicating the Falun Gong from China through the use of propaganda, much like the kind that ABC Australia is now airing.

The “Dark Karma” program frames the issue as a “warning” to the world about the alleged true nature of the Falun Gong, casting it in an overtly negative light. Critics say that it only helps the cause of the CCP in seeking justification for the continued persecution of Falun Gong adherents living in China.


“It reflects a deep cultural illiteracy, bordering on anti-religious bigotry,” says John Deller from the Falun Dafa Association of Australia about the show. “This will obscure far more than it will illuminate, and only the Chinese Communist Party stands to gain.”

ABC Australia has been infiltrated by the CCP, now acts as propaganda arm of the regime

Ever since the 610 office was established, untold millions of Falun Gong practitioners have been detained without cause or trial and thrown into “black” jails, prisons and “reeducation-through-labor” camps, where many of them are now being forced to manufacture face masks for Americans who are scared of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

These same Falun Gong prisoners are also being tortured and killed, with many of them being forced to have their organs harvested and sold on the black market for the financial gain of the CCP.

The whole thing is utterly horrific, and yet “Dark Karma” does not dive into any of this. Instead, the show casts Falun Gong adherents as a scourge in China that deserve every form of persecution that they are now having to endure at the hands of the communists, which would love for nothing more than to make them all disappear.

As it turns out, ABC Australia has been cozying up to the CCP for many years by actively censoring and tailoring other news content at the behest of the regime, all in an attempt to gain deeper access to the Chinese viewer market.

Professor Clive Hamilton, author of “Silent Invasion,” says that Beijing long ago wormed its way into the operations at ABC Australia and now directly influences the type of content that is aired there, hence why “Dark Karma” is now being broadcast.

“We’re seeing now on the 610 office website that they’re picking up on the ABC’s story – exactly as we warned them,” adds Deller.

“There are obvious consequences of further harm for people in China, and those given refugee protection by the [Australian] government. It has really opened up old memories and wounds when many felt safe here.”

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