Fed up residents in rural Oregon want to secede from Left-wing lunatics and merge with neighboring Idaho instead

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Image: Fed up residents in rural Oregon want to secede from Left-wing lunatics and merge with neighboring Idaho instead

(Natural News) For nearly two months, Antifa and Black Lives Matter anarchists have besieged portions of Portland, Ore., staging nightly ‘demonstrations’ that devolve into violence.

Long gone are the simple protests demanding reforms and change following the George Floyd incident. All that is left now are the punks and losers who have been propagandized to hate and who think burning down city blocks is cool.

Mind you, what’s going on in Portland now isn’t new. The city has been a cauldron of Left-wing anarchy and intolerance for years. It’s just getting worse by the day, and what’s more, the ‘Democratic’ Marxists and socialists running the city (and the state) are aiding and abetting the lawlessness.

Well, rural Oregonians have had enough. They want out. And to get out, they’ll gladly join with neighboring Idaho, whose leaders are stable, sane, and all about law and order.

Notes the Western Journal: 

Oregon is a geographically diverse and large state with an estimated population of around 4.2 million people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. 

Most of those people reside along the coastal Interstate 5 Willamette Valley corridor from Portland, near the Washington state line to the north, and down south through Eugene and on to Medford.

The state’s rural population is held hostage by the liberal politics of the coastal elites.

But they don’t want to be hostages anymore.

So they have launched a movement called “Move Oregon’s Border,” which seeks a non-violent ‘divorce’ of rural citizens who want to escape the constant turmoil and flux of the state’s uber-Leftist population centers and join with their more conservative, like-minded neighbors next door. 


Idaho has a GOP governor, Republican majorities in both chambers of the legislature, and overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump in 2016 over the chronically crooked Hillary Clinton (59.2 percent to 27.5 percent).

According to The Oregonian, 22 of the state’s 36 counties would become part of Idaho. In addition, residents of several conservative-leaning counties in northwestern California also want to get in on the action.

Of course, this is a long-shot action but it’s moving ahead nonetheless.

The Oregonian reported that the movement failed to convince a federal judge last week to allow for a reduced number of signatures to get the initiative on the ballot in November because of coronavirus, saying that organizers had not been “reasonably diligent” in trying to collect signatures.

The ruling didn’t kill off the movement altogether, however. Canvassers announced they had gathered enough signatures in Wallowa County to get the initiative on the ballot there, at least. 

“Wallowa County is unique because people were willing to put a lot of time into building a team that was willing to go out despite the lockdown and the coronavirus,” Move Oregon’s Border’s chief petitioner Mike McCarter told the paper. 

He told the paper in February that he wants a “peaceful revolution.”

“It’s a lifestyle/values judgment between urban and rural more than anything else,” he said.

Naturally, the shutdowns imposed by Democratic Gov. Kate Brown due to the COVID pandemic have only exacerbated issues between the movement’s conservatives and the lunatic anarchists trying to burn down federal courthouses in Portland.

“We want people (in the counties that would move to Idaho) to chime in and say, ‘Yes, we want this,’” he said in February. “It takes more work to go county by county, but it informs the public more.”

While ‘peaceful’ is a nice idea, it isn’t likely to happen that way. That’s because not only will Oregon’s Democratic legislative majority have to sign off, but so, too, would Idaho and the U.S. Congress.

Not. Going. To. Happen.

So, the next best thing for the Oregon counties who want to leave is to adopt the Left’s “nullification” tactics — Just say no to the stupidity and let the chips fall where they may.

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