CBP chief rips description of protesters by mainstream media and Democrats: ‘They’re criminals, not demonstrators’ who fire lasers, throw objects and blast incendiary devices

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Image: CBP chief rips description of protesters by mainstream media and Democrats: ‘They’re criminals, not demonstrators’ who fire lasers, throw objects and blast incendiary devices

(Natural News) The acting chief of Customs and Border Protection blasted the mainstream media and their Democrat benefactors earlier this week for characterizing anarchists besieging federal property in Portland as ‘peaceful demonstrators.’

In reality, acting Commissioner Mark Morgan told Breitbart Texas, they’re “criminals.”

Because things have become so violent and out of control in the ‘Rose City,’ Morgan said he has had to deploy specialized riot teams of Border Patrol agents to assist embattled Federal Protective Service agents and U.S. Marshals defending federal property.

“We have several United States Border Patrol agents that are from our elite tactical team BORTAC as a supporting element to the FPS and the United States Marshals who have statutory responsibility for protection of federal buildings,” he said, noting that the deployment was “part of a whole-of-government approach” to riotous demonstrations that no longer have anything at all to do with George Floyd.

“They are coordinating and planning with willful intent to destroy federal property and seriously injure federal officers and agents,” Morgan said. 

“What they are doing, every single night, they are getting together, they are coordinating, they are organizing with a willful intent to destroy federal property and injure federal agents and officers. They come prepared every single night with deadly weapons, commercial-grade fireworks, lasers, frozen water bottles, rocks and hammers,” he added.

“Just the other night, they established a plywood barrier that they inserted nails into and put it up against one of the doors so that if a federal agent came out, they would come in contact with the nails and seriously injure themselves,” the CBP chief added. 


“We recently discovered what is allegedly a pipe bomb in one of the satchels. It’s criminal. It’s 100 percent criminal every single night.”

In fact, Fox News reported Wednesday that Richard Cline, deputy director of operations for the Federal Protective Service, said that at least three of his agents have likely suffered permanent vision loss after being targeted with lasers by those ‘peaceful protesters’ after they start fires outside a federal courthouse in the city.

“When officers responded to put out these fires, glass bottles were thrown and lasers – which can cause permanent blindness – were shined in their eyes,” Cline said. “We have three officers who currently have eye injuries and they may not recover sight in those eyes from those laser attacks.”

Added Fox News: “Red, green and purple lasers were aimed by rioters at federal officers through the courthouse doors while one group used a strobe light on the building. A commercial-grade mortar firework was fired in the vicinity of the Hatfield Courthouse front doors.”

For his part, Morgan noted that the continuing violence and unrest is no longer about Floyd.

“This is about furthering an ideological belief that has nothing to do with what happened to George Floyd,” he said. 

“I defy anyone, any politician, to justify why somebody’s going to bring a pipe bomb, a rock, a frozen water bottle, a laser, a hammer, or nails in a plywood board to merely protest. I defy anyone to justify that behavior — they can’t. It’s criminal and they should be held accountable for what’s going on,” he added. (Related: Law enforcement officers in Portland doxed by Antifa.)

At the same time, elected Democrats in these war zones are either looking the other way, blaming federal officials and officers for the violence, or a combination of both.

Such as Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who actually said ‘nothing’s going on’ Wednesday while standing in wafting tear gas clouds after federal agents were forced to respond to fires and other attacks.

“This is an egregious overreaction on the part of the federal officers. There was nothing that I saw that warranted this reaction,” he claimed in one video posted online.

Federal officers are being blinded in his city and he refuses to see. Perfect.

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