Insane liberals call for Trader Joe’s to change “racist” packaging

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Image: Insane liberals call for Trader Joe’s to change “racist” packaging

(Natural News) In response to a circulating petition calling on the company to alter its “racist” packaging, Trader Joe’s has announced that soon there will be no more “Trader Ming’s” or “Trader Jose’s” ethnic food offerings at its stores.

Even though the company’s fun and clever packaging for items plucked from around the world was merely meant to make the shopping experience for customers more enjoyable, we all know that liberals hate everything that might inspire a little bit of humor.

According to the petition, which was signed by about 1,800 people before TJ’s took notice, calling Italian food items “Trader Giotto’s” and Japanese food items “Trader Joe San” is “racist” because it “belies a narrative of exoticism that perpetuates harmful stereotypes.”

“For example, ‘Trader Ming’s’ is used to brand the chain’s Chinese food, ‘Arabian Joe’ brands Middle Eastern foods, ‘Trader José’ brands Mexican foods, ‘Trader Giotto’s’ is for Italian food, and ‘Trader Joe San’ brands their Japanese cuisine,” it went on to complain.

A female high school student from the San Francisco Bay Area of California who goes by the name of Briones Bedell reportedly got the campaign going, falsely accusing TJ’s of setting up “Joe” as “the default ‘normal'” and the other characters as “falling outside of it.”

This is nonsense, of course, as “Joe” is merely a generic reference to food from English-speaking countries, while the others are generic references to food from non-English-speaking countries. But to Bedell, who was presumably indoctrinated at her “progressive” high school to think like this, everything is racist and needs to change in order to make her happy.


“While this approach to product naming may have been rooted in a lighthearted attempt at inclusiveness, we recognize that it may now have the opposite effect — one that is contrary to the welcoming, rewarding customer experience we strive to create every day,” reads a statement from TJ’s spokesperson Kenya Friend-Daniel, capitulating to the Bedell’s nagging concerns.

To America’s public school-indoctrinated children, everything is racist

The move follows numerous other large food companies that have likewise agreed to phase-out potentially “offensive” characters such as Aunt Jemima, a real black person after whom the famous syrup was named. Uncle Ben’s rice also has to go, as does Eskimo Pie ice cream.

Bedell, your typical white, liberal, American female, contends that these longtime fun-loving names represent “microaggressions” that if left to persist will cause deranged people like herself “to accept larger transgressions down the road.”

Many Trader Joe’s customers say that they see absolutely nothing wrong with the store’s packaging, including Jim Xiao, an Asian man from China now living in America who told local media outlet NBC Bay Area that he personally does not “really see [anything] racist on those packages’ names.”

And of course Jim does not see anything racist about them, because only white liberals – and more often than not white female liberals – identify this type of thing and raise a needless ruckus about it, ruining for everyone anything that might be fun or enjoyable in daily life.

“Suppose I opened a store and called it ‘White People Brand Market,'” joked one CBS Los Angeles commenter about the lunacy of Bedell’s little crusade. “It would carry stuff like White People Brand Pancake Mix, White People Brand Rice, White People Brand Ice Cream Sandwiches, etc. Y’know what would happen next? They’d say it was racist for only carrying White People Brand foods.”

“Where the hell did all the adults go?” asked another. “Someone needs to just tell these ‘offended woke snowflakes’ NO! They need to be told NO and to go sit the hell down.”

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