When will the New York Times issue a retraction, apology for publishing fake news about Russian collusion?

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Image: When will the New York Times issue a retraction, apology for publishing fake news about Russian collusion?

(Natural News) By now, you have probably heard the news that The New York Times knowingly published fake news about the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians, which was a complete fabrication invented by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats to tamper with the 2016 presidential election. And you may now be asking the same question that we are, which is this: When will the Times apologize for lying to the world about Trump, and issue an appropriate retraction?

Now that we have concrete, undeniable evidence that the Times rejected the facts and willfully published lies designed to interfere with the election results, the least that this fake news outlet can do is fess up and at least try to make things right.

If there was any dignity and honesty left at the Times, its editorial board would immediately resign and replace itself with people who care about things like truth and facts. It would also publish a retraction right away confessing that its editorial standards have been piss-poor, and that from here on out things are going to change.

Many people’s lives have been ruined by the lies that have been spread by the Times both before and after Trump was elected. The fake news giant has done nothing but continue to smear our duly-elected president and make him out to be a traitor, when in fact it was his rival who conspired with other members of the deep state to try to steal the election.

We won’t hold our breath on seeing justice prevail, but here’s to hoping

While we certainly do not expect the Times to do the right thing anytime soon, we can at least bring to our readers’ attention the fact that this once-reputable paper blatantly lied – read it again, lied – to the public about the Trump campaign, and did so knowingly and without shame because it did not want Trump to win the election.


These are the facts that have now been revealed, thanks to the continued efforts of the Senate Judiciary Committee in dredging up the evidence, which has taken years to procure. But it is finally here, and the Times and others definitely have some explaining to do.

In case you missed it, it is now on record that former FBI agent Peter Strzok was given a copy of the Times article in question before it was published, and on this copy he put many notations indicating that the Times’ version of events was false. But the Times went ahead and published it anyway, convincing leftists everywhere that President Trump had “colluded” with Russian agents to steal the election.

The truth is that the opposite was attempted by Hillary Clinton, who engaged in all sorts of criminal behavior to try to prevent her competitor from winning. And even after he won, she and her cohorts continued to unseat him with false allegation after false allegation, splitting this country in half and creating much chaos and violence along the way.

While we know that Clinton will never do the right thing, we think that there might be a chance that the Times could have a change of heart – and hopefully a massive change in personnel – now that the lid has been blown on the Russiagate hoax. The people now know the truth, in other words – so will the Times respond in kind?

“The only people who believed that garbage had a vested interest in maintaining the lie to distract people from digging deeper into the systematic corruption of governments on every level,” wrote one Sputnik News commenter about the fake news that was published by the Times.

“It was all to distract from the election manipulation tactics and underhanded mechanics of it.”

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