Now SAT testing is “racist” because being intelligent is discriminatory, but being STUPID is perfectly fine with the crybullies

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Image: Now SAT testing is “racist” because being intelligent is discriminatory, but being STUPID is perfectly fine with the crybullies

(Natural News) The National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) is pushing to end standardized testing at schools because, according to its members, the ACT and SAT tests are inherently “racist.”

The organization put out a statement alleging that standardized testing inhibits the ability of some of its players to gain entry into prestigious schools, thus constituting the “longstanding forces of institutional racism.”

University of South Carolina coach Frank Martin and Harvard University coach Tommy Amaker, both of whom chair the NABC’s committee, claim that SATs and ACTs “no longer have a place in intercollegiate athletics or education at large.” Eliminating these tests, they went on to state, is “an important step towards combating educational inequality.”

Oregon State University coach Craig Robinson agrees. He put out a statement in full support of eliminating standardized testing because doing so will help his school’s players of color more easily skate by and avoid having to achieve the same academic standards as everyone else.

“I am proud of the continued efforts of the Committee on Racial Reconciliation, and look forward to engaging further with the NCAA on this crucial topic,” Robinson is quoted as saying.

“We feel it is prudent for college athletics to address a standardized test structure that has long had disproportionately negative impacts on low-income and minority students.”

NABC also blames coronavirus for failure of black players to take standardized tests

As if that were not enough, the NABC is also laying blame on the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis for supposedly impacting the ability of black basketball players to effective take ACT and SAT tests in accordance with current admittance guidelines.


“COVID-19 has made finding a safe, accessible SAT or ACT testing location very difficult for most rising seniors,” the group claims.

“Those with the most additional burdens and disadvantages of all kinds because of COVID-19, not just in finding a safe testing location, are low-income and underrepresented minority students.”

While the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has already eliminated test scores for both Division I and Division II athletes due to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), this is apparently still not enough for those pushing to give black athletes an easier pathway to and through college.

In addition to scrapping standardized testing, the NABC is calling on schools to replace these tests with “black history” courses in high school, which merely by taking these classes would grant black students immediate eligibility to play college sports.

If you are assuming that the NABC came up with these ideas all on its own, you are wrong. It was actually an article published in The Atlantic that resulted in Martin and Amaker deciding that any form of academic rigor in high school is racist against blacks simply because they are unable to keep up with their non-black counterparts.

According to an NABC document outlining the reasoning behind its proposed changes, a 2019 article published in The Atlantic revealed that SAT testing “shows us that numbers can also be used to enforce power systems.”

This same article went on to link SAT testing to eugenics and racial caste systems, claiming that standardized testing is somehow used “as a means of upholding racial purity,” even though plenty of whites and other non-blacks perform poorly on them, and are thus not admitted to the most prestigious schools.

“So they are basically saying that minorities are stupid and that is very racist,” wrote one Breitbart News commenter.

“Will the black history class that will be required also cover the statistics of violence nationwide and the history of black on black crime?” asked another in response.

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