Playing stupid: Nets claim ‘no explanation’ for arresting Antifa in Portland

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Image: Playing stupid: Nets claim ‘no explanation’ for arresting Antifa in Portland

(Natural News) In a matter of days, the liberal broadcast networks went from covering up Antifa and Black Lives Matter violence in Portland, Oregon, to playing dumb about why federal agents were out in force. Despite weeks of riots and attacks on federal buildings in the city, ABC, CBS, and NBC spent Monday night clutching their pearls over video of federal agents rounding up the attackers and taking them away. In response, multiple networks suggested that there was “no explanation” for the arrests.

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The report from correspondent Kayna Whitworth during ABC’s World News Tonight was arguably the worst. She began her instance of journalistic malpractice by never mentioning the fact that the violence had been going on for six weeks. Instead, she immediately jumped to blaming federal agents.

Tonight, a city on edge. Over the weekend, some demonstrators responding to the President’s deployment of federal agents, officially there to protect federal property, clashing on the streets,” she proclaimed.

After noting that “city and state officials demanding the removal of agents,” viewers could sense the true fear in her voice when she informed them: “This morning, the President saying he could consider sending agents to other major American cities.

Palpable fear was also present on the CBS Evening News. “Tonight, CBS News has obtained an email showing President Trump is preparing to send federal officers to patrol the streets of Chicago in response to growing gun violence,” anchor Norah O’Donnell fretted. “Now, this follows fierce clashes in Portland, Oregon, between federal officers and protestors.”

Correspondent Carter Evans also failed to tell viewers that the violence had been ongoing for weeks. “Federal officers in Portland on orders from the White House fired gas and rubber bullets as they faced off with protestors,” he said. “The clashes escalated after video show federal officers in fatigues pulling people off the streets with no explanation.”

Throughout his report, Evan insisted the federal response was political, even grilling acting Department of Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli with his speculation (click “expand”):

EVANS: City officials and state government are asking you to remove your federal officers. Why force the issue?

CUCCINELLI: Well, we’re not forcing any issue, we’re accomplishing our mission which is to protect the federal facilities.

EVANS: Can you say, once and for all, that there is absolutely no political motivation behind this?

CUCCINELLI: Yes, absolutely. Look, this is us doing our job.

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