Cernovich: New York Times shows what will happen ‘if the far left takes power’

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Image: Cernovich: New York Times shows what will happen ‘if the far left takes power’

(Natural News) The New York Times‘s editorial positions reveal the consequences of a far-left takeover of America, stated Mike Cernovich, producer of Hoaxed, on Monday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

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The New York Times publishes justifications for “domestic terrorism,” said Cernovich.

“When someone tweets out that the Portland Police Association building was a well-chosen target, and burning was a justified act of protest against a valid target, that’s literally advocating domestic terrorism,” Cernovich stated.

Antifa enjoys “glowing press coverage” from the New York Times, added Cernovich.

“It’s not hard to realize what is going to happen to us if the far left takes power,” added Cernovich. “Is your house going to be a proper target according to these people? Well, they’re saying that some targets can be firebombed. Some targets can be burned down, and that’s where people really need to wake up. This isn’t a joke.”

Cernovich reflected on the New York Times‘ “Holocaust denial” and its celebration of communism, including Walter Duranty’s minimization of the murder of millions of Ukrainians in the early 1930s via Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin’s manufactured famine.

News media broadly avoid investigation of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell to shield the Democrat Party, assessed Cernovich.

“[News media have] a lack of interest in a case that the public is obsessed with, that gets page views, [and is] journalistically relevant and interesting,” noted Cernovich. “My working theory is [that] just like the media lost interest in the over 200 sexual harassment settlements in Congress that are secret, we just have to conclude this almost certainly would implicate mostly Democrats.”

Cernovich said “the media would hound this case” if they believed such a pursuit would politically damage President Donald Trump.

“The media didn’t care about the Epstein stuff until they found that Alexander Acosta-Trump angle,” Cernovich noted, “and then suddenly every story is Trump’s labor secretary. … It was never really about the victims. It was never about justice. It was never about who was truly wrong. It was always about [getting] Trump.”

Cernovich added, “[Jeffrey] Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell would implicate mostly Democrats, and that’s why the media wants people steered away from it.”

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