Black man with American flag tries to stop rioters from damaging Federal Courthouse in Portland, says “None of you guys represent Black lives”

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Image: Black man with American flag tries to stop rioters from damaging Federal Courthouse in Portland, says “None of you guys represent Black lives”

(Natural News) An African American man holding an American flag visited a riot in Portland, Oregon, and was subsequently filmed telling the vandals and rioters that none of them “represent Black lives.”

The unidentified peaceful protester stood outside the Federal Courthouse in the Downtown Portland neighborhood. This area has been made popular thanks to it, along with the nearby Multnomah County Justice Center, being the rallying point for Antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement’s nightly skirmishes with law enforcement, during which they destroy public and private property, harass law enforcement officials and attack them by throwing items such as bottles, rocks, chunks of metal and balloons filled with paint. The riots in Portland have been going on every night since after the death of George Floyd on May 25.

While outside the Federal Courthouse, he was filmed “occupying”  the building’s perimeter from rioters attempting to break through to vandalize and do extensive damage to the property. According to the videos taken of that event, he was accompanied by several allies who stood with him to face the rowdy mob.

The rioters tried to coax him into leaving so they could enter the federal property. He insisted that he would not leave, and when questioned about where he’s from he said “I live here!”

Eventually, one masked rioter was able to tear down the gate, but the Black man stood his ground and continued preventing the violent mob from swarming the Federal Courthouse.

“If you stand for justice, come here and stand with me. Stand with me because I’m here for justice,” the man said. “I’m not here to tear down this [expletive] fence, I’m not here to spray paint. It’s going on every day.”

“If you don’t want to get gassed, stop! It has to stop!” he concluded.

When a rioter confronted the man with the flag by trying to tell him that they have a right to peacefully assemble, he replies: “This ain’t peaceful.”


As the crowd got even rowdier, one of the Black man’s companions said “This delegitimizes the movement,” referring to the planned attack on the Federal Courthouse.

Instead of destroying federal property, the Black man invited the violent mob to sit outside the Federal Courthouse and peacefully protest. (Related: By refusing to acknowledge nightly BLM violence in Portland, the mainstream media is complicit in turning American streets into war zones.)

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Federal Courthouse vandalized – rioters commit crimes all over the city

Unfortunately, the patriotic Black man’s attempt to stop the riotous mob from making their way to the Federal Courthouse leads inevitably in failure. Videos from later that evening show the rioters taking down the fences in an organized manner and stacking them against the Federal Courthouse, while other rioters use the fences or other weapons such as hammers to strike at and damage the building’s walls.

Furthermore, the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) reported that the rioters were using the fencing to barricade the doors shut at both the Federal Courthouse and the Justice Center, preventing law enforcement personnel inside from being able to quickly evacuate should the need arise. While many in the mob were calling for peace and trying to talk the rioters into stopping, they were shouted down.

During that evening, the demonstrators also lit several fires around the main riot area. Small garbage cans were doused in flammable liquids and set on fire. A large bonfire was created at the base of the ruined 120-year-old Elk sculpture that once stood between Chapman Square and Lownsdale Square. A violent mob also broke into the building of the Portland Police Association (PPA), the labor union that represents rank-and-file members of the PPB, and attempted to burn down the building.

In response, the PPB declared the evening’s events to be a riot and proceeded to disperse the crowds. Officers were able to distinguish the fire in the PPA building, while several rioters were arrested in connection to the attempted arson. The PPB reported that they did not use any CS gas (a kind of tear gas) during the dispersal of the violent mob.

The PPB said that the rioters were organizing events all over the city during that evening. One group was at the PPB’s North Precinct in the North Portland neighborhood. They vandalized patrol vehicles and verbally harassed officers coming in to work.

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