ANTIFA terror leader behind far-left ‘autonomous zone’ in Seattle admits to committing domestic violence

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Image: ANTIFA terror leader behind far-left ‘autonomous zone’ in Seattle admits to committing domestic violence

(Natural News) The leader of an ANTIFA cell that has worked with Black Lives Matter activists in Seattle to form a so-called “autonomous zone” has admitted to committing domestic violence and is now contemplating suicide.

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On the self-described lesbian anarchist’s Twitter page, she said that she “is pretty f**king sure [she’s] an abuser.” Her own words are corroborated by individuals on social media who claim to have been involved with her personally in the past.

User @pan__taloons wrote in a Tweet, “I’m her ex. Even if she isn’t doing it consciously, she has done things like this on multiple occasions, including assaulting [people], and, despite acknowledging she’s in the wrong, has refused treatment. She has threatened suicide numerous times. She’s not being gaslit.”

“You punched me in the f***ing face a few days before you shoved me off the bed for making a sh*t joke. I constantly push your hands away and tell you to stop touching my chest. One time I told you to stop and you cried and got all depressive,” wrote Twitter user @MeganMegoonVevo in a tweet, according to the Nationalist Review.

After being outed as a serial abuser, the ANTIFA terror leader played the victim and threatened to kill herself while admitting guilt.


“I’m a serial abuser and I don’t really believe anyone can “get better” from a situation like that,” she wrote. “I’m going to peacefully end my life so I won’t hurt anyone else.”

Big League Politics has reported on the Seattle “autonomous zone,” which resembles no-go zones set up by third-world Islamic migrants in European countries they are attempting to conquer:

Seattle ANTIFA militants are now claiming to have seceded from the United States, occupying six city blocks in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. They’re styling the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone as a sovereign state, warning anyone who reaches the area’s border wall(ironically enough) that they are leaving the United States.

The leftists have proven themselves more than partial to the use of border walls on the strict provision that they’re allowed complete political control. ANTIFA militants have been seen staffing the autonomous zone’s borders, some of them armed.

Seattle Police had abandoned a nearby police precinct station to a combined force of looters and rioters over the weekend, giving the ANTIFA militants a green light to secede from the United States and set up their so-called autonomous zone.

The political criminals proceeded to occupy the building, restyling the Seattle Police precinct as a “people” department…

City authorities are yet to launch any effort to regain the small commune for the United States, instead opting to cave to the political fantasies petulant, ridiculous upper-class activists.

Perhaps it’d be best to allow the delusional ANTIFA militants to keep their territory, on the strict condition that they provide for their own food, water, electricity, gasoline, and municipal services.

President Trump needs to get serious about his crackdown against ANTIFA as a domestic terror group, or this anti-civilizational movement will continue to fester throughout the country.

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