Gardasil vaccines lead to cancer epidemic in young girls

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Image: Gardasil vaccines lead to cancer epidemic in young girls

(Natural News) New data put out by the Australian government shows that cancer rates are skyrocketing in young girls who receive the Gardasil vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV), which is supposedly linked to causing cervical cancer.

According to the data, the Merck & Co. vaccine, which is marketed as a prophylactic against certain forms of cervical cancer, has actually led to a 44.6 percent increase in cervical cancers among girls who are given the jab.

This is specifically the case among girls who are exposed to HPV prior to getting vaccinated, including the roughly 30 percent of girls who were exposed to HPV while still in the birth canal.

While we have known for years that Gardasil is a scourge on public health, this new research shows that not only is Gardasil dangerous, but it causes the very thing that its manufacturer claims it prevents.

According to Ian Fraser, who developed Gardasil and still collects massive royalties on it, Gardasil is supposedly in the process of abolishing cervical cancer in women. But since 2007, which is when the jab first became available in Australia specifically, cancer rates have skyrocketed.

Women 25 years of age and older have seen a 16 percent increase in cancer rates, while those above the age of 30 have seen a 28 percent increase. Put another way, 6.9 out of every 100,000 women 30 years of age or older are developing cancer, compared to 5.4 out of every 100,000 in prior years. And in the 25-year-old category, it rose from 3.2 to 3.7 out of every 100,000.

On the flip side, elderly women who were not vaccinated with Gardasil are seeing noteworthy declines in cancer rates, possibly due to successful early Pap screening.


“This points to the vaccine as the clear culprit in vaccinated women – either from 1) vaccine failure, 2) reduced Pap screening (likely due in some cases to confidence in the HPV vaccine), 3) type replacement (the 9 HPV strains targeted by the vaccine are replaced by more virulent strains) or from 4) pathogenic priming,” notes Children’s Health Defense (CHD).

Gardasil inventor denies all health damage from vaccine, says girls would have gotten sick or died regardless

Fraser, who became a multi-millionaire from patenting Gardasil, claims that no girls are being hurt by the injectable drug. All of those reports about girls falling ill or dying after getting the jab are false, he insists.

“Those girls would have gotten those autoimmune diseases in any case,” Fraser is quoted as saying. “They have nothing to do with the vaccine.”

This is quite the claim to make, seeing as how groups like SaneVax have been tracking the health damage caused by Gardasil and other vaccines for many years, observing noticeable increases in the number of injuries and deaths immediately after their administration.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved Gardasil for use in “preventing” nine more types of cancer, including cancer of the head and neck.

Rather than take a critical look at the mass numbers of injuries and deaths being caused by the vaccine for its currently approved uses, the FDA instead decided to expand its approval for use in “preventing” all sorts of other cancers.

Merck itself admits that the vast majority of HPV infections clear on their own. And yet, the drug giant claims that for those who don’t clear the virus, “it could cause certain cancers and diseases” that require getting vaccinated, a claim that has never been solidly proven in the scientific literature.

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