Millions of good, patriotic Americans are sick and tired of being called racists by liberals pulling out the race card who are the biggest hypocrites, gas bags and phonies alive

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Image: Millions of good, patriotic Americans are sick and tired of being called racists by liberals pulling out the race card who are the biggest hypocrites, gas bags and phonies alive

(Natural News) America is in trouble. Some say we are at the start of the Second Civil War. Leftist America-haters, always quick to use any reason to denigrate America, took advantage of a scandalous, shocking, and shameful crime in Minneapolis to protest, i.e., destroy, burn, loot. As of today, downtown Seattle has been taken over by arrogant Black Lives Matter (BLM) revolutionaries who have demanded the mayor resign.

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No, not a farce, no, not a South American nation but in the USA! And leading politicians and media people still think it is about racial injustice.

For the record, I’m for the fair and equal treatment of everyone. All corrupt cops should be held accountable and jailed if guilty of illegal activities. I believe strongly in the right to protest. I have protested as a citizen and as a member of the Indiana House of Representatives against officials (mostly Republican colleagues) because of misuse of power against Christian schools.

I must first establish my bona fides for me to speak to this issue. As a Christian, I believe no one should be mistreated, and I must treat everyone the way I want to be treated. The most evidence to be used against me was when I went into the rundown store in Wayne County, West Virginia, owned by “Uncle Charlie,” the only black man in the county. As a nine-year-old innocent, I stood at the candy counter and pointed to the chocolate covered candy drops saying to Charlie, “I’d like to buy five of those nigger-toes.” 

That was what I always heard them called. That was the time when Booker T. Washington became my hero after I read his Up From Slavery. I was as innocent as the driven snow.

There, I have admitted it for the first time, but I never used the offensive term in derision or hate so you do not have a race card to play. My grown children never heard me use that term. Their black friends at the Christian school I ran were always welcome in our home.

It didn’t matter, and it never occurred to me that we were doing something unusual in having black guests. They were simply friends.

I would be delighted to have Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Clarence Thomas, or Lloyd Marcus as a neighbor. Not being privileged to have as a neighbor one of the aforementioned blacks, I do have a black neighbor. One Sunday morning, I drove down our driveway, and at the street, I saw water spewing into the air near the water meter. I also saw two neighbors, one white and the other black, digging at the spot where water was shooting out. They had noticed and started to work on repairing it for me. They knew I was totally incompetent about things like that and knew we were ready to leave for church. When we got home, the repair had been made.

It didn’t matter to me what color my neighbors were, where they went to church, whether they were liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican.

My wife and I don’t just talk about helping blacks, but we have given thousands of dollars to black friends who have specialized ministries in America and the West Indies, to support blacks in African nations of Zambia, Liberia, and others. We helped blacks in devastated Haiti and in providing water wells in African villages.

I wonder how many white liberals, who often pull out the race card, also pull out their checkbook to actually help blacks. Their lack of support would not surprise me because leftists are the biggest hypocrites, gasbags, and phonies alive.

So, I have a lifetime of not caring about race when it comes to friends, neighbors, or co-workers. But, the main reason I can’t be a racist is that I have a minority daughter-in-law and two sweet interracial grandkids.

There, I’ve just ripped up your race card; however, the racists will try to put it back together. I will be castigated by my critics as being a racist. However, I might be wrong; I might be ignorant; I might be unkind or thoughtless; but I am not a racist. You have no race card to play.

Now, to speak to the issue of low-lifes using protesting as an excuse for hooliganism and rioting. Americans have been awakened, agitated, angered, and appalled at the killing of Floyd, and that includes me.

I’m appalled that everyone has been so quick to make a judgment without knowing all the facts. Yes, it looks bad, very bad, but I want to know the whole story. No one has suggested that everyone involved could be wrong! Floyd, the four cops, even the bystanders who were too intimidated to physically confront the police.

I’m appalled that innocent, legal protesting by whites and blacks became an excuse to burn, loot, and destroy over 300 stores, thereby destroying the jobs of innocent people. It is obvious that it is not a skin problem but a sin problem.

I’m further appalled that the same thing has happened in scores of other cities when low-lifes used the tragic death of Floyd as an excuse to steal from others—often Blacks. Floyd was sent to prison five times for possession of drugs, armed robbery, and possession of cocaine. He was released from prison in 2014 and left for Minneapolis to work with a Christian group. At his arrest, he was high on illegal drugs, dropped a bag of drugs, used a fake $20 bill, resisted arrest, and died as a result. Not the actions of a “hero” or an “example.” Of course, none of his offenses deserved the death penalty. Nor does his death make him a hero.

I’m appalled that far-left opportunists have made a hero and martyr out of Floyd even portraying him with wings and a halo. First of all, people who go to heaven go there only by trusting in the death and resurrection of Christ, not by good works, turning over a new leaf, baptism, or joining a church. Humans don’t become angels, but additionally, angels don’t have wings or have a halo.

Pastor P.T. Ngwolo, of Resurrection Houston Church, who held services at the projects, said, “I have hope because just like Abel is a Christ figure, I see my brother [Floyd] as a Christ figure as well.” Ngwolo may speak the truth at times, but he spoke blasphemy then.

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