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(Natural News) Many people will be offended by this article because it points out logic and common sense, both of which have been labeled as “offensive” and “racist” by millions of Americans who think that there are millions of “white supremacists” all over the country. What happened to the days when everybody could make fun of everybody? Saturday Night Live didn’t care who was President, or who was Black or White, it was all about the laughs. Now, you can’t even use the word “matters” at the end of a slogan or you’re a Nazi Fascist.

Take a ride outside of any metropolitan city in this nation, about twenty minutes from the hustle and bustle, and you’ll find thousands upon thousands of people of every creed, religion and ethnicity all getting along very nicely, kind to one another, courteous. Nobody’s training their kids to be racist. Nobody’s burning each other’s businesses to the ground. It’s just not happening everywhere like the fake news wants everyone to believe.

There are virtually no hate or “race” crimes going on in the “suburbs” or especially out in the “country.” Well, that is, until as of late, where these Antifa and BLM thugs (idiots with criminal rap sheets already) are being paid to stir it up, but that’s when they find out the hard way that “all logic matters.”

In other words, using logic means looking at the big picture, and understanding that there is NO race war going on in America, it’s just a bunch of isolated, media-staged events in congested cities to con you into believing it’s happening everywhere, when it’s not.


You can’t use logic during a conversation with any Liberal/Leftist or they go insane and curse at you, call you racist, run away, or just hang up the phone

You can’t ever have a logical conversation with any Liberal or Leftist because they’re complete hypocrites on so many fronts, and they throw a temper tantrum when you point them out, claiming you’re offending them, bullying them, and being racist (that’s why they’re all called cry-bully snowflakes). Here are several prime examples:

  • Everyone on the Left is absolutely terrified about catching Covid-19, but they all want open borders because they think illegal immigrants are all disease free.
  • Everybody on the Left believes Donald Trump is a Russian asset and also a White Supremacist, but they’ve never shown any proof of any of that anywhere, anytime.
  • Everyone on the Left wants the government to take away all guns from “criminals” and make everyone register all their weapons, but nobody on the Left ever looks back at history (not even a month ago) to see how that plan turns into a communist dictatorship nearly overnight.
  • Everybody on the Left believes that all Whites, except for them, hate Blacks, and that they must stand up for Black people’s rights, but doesn’t that mean they believe that Blacks are weak and can’t stand up for themselves? That’s just demeaning. There are 40 million Blacks in America right now. Do you really believe they need a few White people to “save” them from the “White Supremacist” President, after they just had a Black President for long 8 years who made their lives much, much worse?
  • Everybody supporting BLM is supposedly trying to help Black people have better lives and be treated fairly (as the name implies), but most protesters and rioters are absolutely destroying Black-owned businesses, Black police officer’s careers who did nothing wrong, and even killing Black people on the streets. Why? They’re all too blind and dumb to even research their own “claimed” boogeyman enemies (because they barely exist). Again, no logic.
  • Everyone on the Left believes that “same sex” marriage is amazing and is real, but then why don’t they believe that biological sex is real? Think about that one really well for a second here. How can “same sex” marriage exist if biological sex isn’t real? Ask a Lefty that and they will erupt in your face with completely illogical, extreme voraciousness, as if you just punched their gay friend in the face for no reason.
  • Everybody on the Left believes that feminism and LGBT philosophy co-exist, but how can that be, if “women” aren’t real?

All logic matters, so never be afraid to point out the truth, the big picture and the propagandist fake news idiocy

You see, they’re playing checkers, and we’re playing chess. It’s too complicated for them to think about what foundation their system of beliefs rests upon. The Left is packed with cry-bully snowflakes who have been cuddled their whole teen and adult life where they never “lose” any competitions (everyone is a winner, except on reality TV), they never have to debate anything, and they’re convinced by social media that their feelings about how they look, what kind of sexuality they possess, and the fake news broadcast about “hate crimes” are all that matters.

Tune your internet dial to for more stories that demonstrate a deficit of logic.

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