You are labeled a “dangerous anti-vaxxer” if you dare mention vaccine injury, so who is behind this coercive push to conceal it?

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Image: You are labeled a “dangerous anti-vaxxer” if you dare mention vaccine injury, so who is behind this coercive push to conceal it?

(Natural News) If you dare mention vaccine injury, talk about the risks of vaccination, or point out corruption in the vaccine industry, you are quickly branded as an “anti-vaxxer” who is engaged in “dangerous” anti-vaccination activity.

Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald published a piece that called for a ban on the documentary, Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe. This documentary takes a closer look at the corruption in the vaccine industry, how vaccine injury and death is part of the sacrificial program set up to give vaccine maker’s legal immunity. Now this documentary and any discussion about vaccine risk could be censored in Australia. Who is behind this coercive push to conceal vaccine injury and prioritize pharmaceutical industry profits over the lives of innocent human beings?

The arrogant article is penned by a so-called “leading immunisation researcher” named Margie Danchin who is on a mission to stop “anti-vaccination activity.” Worshiping at the altar of vaccine science, Mrs. Danchin wants to shut down all discussion of vaccination policy and vaccine safety, while shutting her ears to the victims of vaccine injury. Because she is so adamant about shutting others down, it’s time to take a closer look at her “expertise” in immunization and disclose any conflicts of interest that control her.

Leading immunization researcher, motivated by conflicts of interest, tries to conceal vaccine injury for the benefit of the vaccine industry

It’s time to pull the mask off the face of these ‘academics’ and ‘public health leaders’ who are behind this coercive push to conceal vaccine injury and stop any discussion about vaccine safety. Protecting the profits of vaccine manufacturers should never take precedence over protecting innocent human life. Moreover, it is abominable to accuse victims of vaccine injury as “dangerous” to public health, especially when these brave souls who have gone through hell are simply trying to give other parents another side of the story.


Parents aren’t getting the whole story on vaccination and are left in the dark about how the human immune system works. Informed consent has been replaced with vaccine industry propaganda that uses coercion to attain total vaccine compliance.

Mrs. Danchin’s article is titled: ‘Dangerous’: Researchers note ‘massive uptick’ in anti-vaccination activity. The article is one of several in the Sydney Morning Herald that have come out suggesting that any discussion on vaccine safety is harmful “anti-vaxxer” misinformation.

Mrs. Danchin has no authority to decide what is right to inject into each and every adult and child. She has no expertise when it comes to all vaccine products and their combined side effects imparted by the National Immunisation Program Schedule. She is no expert in understanding the adverse events of vaccination nor does she understand immune system development and the toxicity of vaccine ingredients.

Independent journalist Elizabeth Hart wrote to “immunisation expert” Mrs. Danchin:

Do you think people should be forbidden from asking questions about the burgeoning number of vaccine products and revaccinations on the taxpayer-funded schedule? Do you think it appropriate that people who raise questions about vaccination policy are denigrated and marginalized as ‘anti-vaxxers’? Are you aware that children and adults have experienced adverse events after vaccination, for example as reported in the TGA’s Database of Adverse Event Notifications? Are you aware that the TGA acknowledges that adverse events are likely to be under-reported?

Protective of vaccine products, Mrs. Danchin is a member of the industry-funded Immunisation Coalition. This coalition is not interested in educating families on how to raise healthy children with a strong immune system. This Coalition is funded by a bunch of vaccine manufacturers – CSL/Seqirus, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Merck and Sanofi, all of which want to shove their products into people. This conflict of interest was not disclosed in Mrs. Danchin’s article.

The most concerning conflict of interest is that Mrs. Danchin is associated with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. This Institute does not research how to keep children healthy; instead it is involved in vaccine development and fining people who don’t comply. The Murdochs run the News Corp., and they share a corporate partnership with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. This is important because these groups were behind the coercive No Jab, No Pay media campaign which resulted in the No Jab, No Pay Law. This coercive mandate withholds the Child Care Benefit, the Child Care Rebate and the end-of-year Family Tax Benefit Part A for parents of children under 20 years of age who are not fully vaccinated.

This level of coercion must be held accountable to the law. Vaccine industry operatives who label any dissent to vaccination as “dangerous anti-vaccination activity” are pridefully trying to conceal vaccine injury/risk and could be financially motivated to do so. It is an affront to parental rights, personal autonomy and individual liberty for the information about vaccines to be so controlled and one sided.

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