A totalitarian cult is rising to power – its crimes glorified, its shame weaponized

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Image: A totalitarian cult is rising to power – its crimes glorified, its shame weaponized

(Natural News) A totalitarian cult is rising to power, swiftly and with bitter resolve. It’s most loyal following trudges through the city streets, busting out windows, vandalizing, burning down buildings, murdering law enforcement, and taking over city blocks, while feeling justified in its crimes. It marches through the streets with no remorse, destroying monuments, churches and businesses, while demanding an end to “white privilege” and impugning that all white people are guilty of systemic racism.

This totalitarian cult is beholden to no rule of law. Its violent and destructive crimes, felt in cities throughout the country, throughout the world, are glorified by the Leftist media, as if the rest of us are expected to kneel to their lawlessness and criminal demands.

As Stanford University scholar Thomas Sowell points out, “Have we reached the ultimate stage of absurdity where some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, while other people are not held responsible for what they themselves are doing today?”

The totalitarian Left wants to forfeit the rule of law and make you kneel to their demands

This totalitarian cult is racially motivated, for it gains power by shaming an entire race. This cult is systematically destroying the rule of law and is expecting everyone else to pay reparations to their cause, to kneel in both physical and mental submission. Those who fall prey to this cult are only succumbing to false guilt,  joining the cult in “peaceful protest” to appease its insatiable demands. As more followers succumb to false guilt, they give energy to a violent movement of totalitarian thought crime and physical punishment.


This totalitarian cult has weaponized its own shame, directing it toward the ones who don’t kneel to them. This cult of thought snakes its way into the heart and soul of the young and the old, imparting feelings of guilt and shame, demanding that “white silence is violence” — that white man must pay for his racist crimes throughout history. The Left is the judge, jury, and executioner of racial intent and they want us to denounce our history, our heritage, our innocence, and our very essence.

The Left’s violent rise to power will only occur if we become complacent and submit to their public humiliation

We are being subjected to nightly riots, looting and arson, as endless accusations of racism and white supremacy are hurled upon us. Democratic leaders from Seattle to New York to D.C. are telling us to standby, as our history is toppled, as our property is destroyed, and as the virtuous ones are publicly humiliated online and in the streets. As we take the abuse, we are told to deconstruct our police departments and rid our law enforcement of the tools they need. This cult will emasculate their enemies in any way possible, and, as evidenced by the complicity of Leftist governors and mayors; they will ultimately come to take away our right to self defense, too.

As police precincts are boarded up, police chiefs are instructed to sit on the sidelines and watch as an endless stream of crime plagues their cities. A new wave of Brown shirts is rising to power, as the demands of the Left are carried out. The Brown shirts of today are emboldened by Leftists who already occupy positions of power within the government. They gain power by censoring and publicly humiliating their opposition, while destroying the rule of law and pinning their shame on those who do not kneel.

These new-age Brown shirts — a wicked brand of Antifa thugs, BLM rioters and media collaborators — are the army emboldening the Left’s mob-style rise to power. If their mob mentality is not stopped in its tracks, and their selfish race war not defeated, they will continue to destroy the country both physically and spiritually, persecuting their opposition with false guilt and public humiliation, then taking over cities kinetically until they achieve their totalitarian goals.

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