Facebook employees, contractors caught on video admitting they discriminate against white male coworkers

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Image: Facebook employees, contractors caught on video admitting they discriminate against white male coworkers

(Natural News) Project Veritas has done it again, this time exposing deep-seated racism within the Facebook empire against white male employees.

In this latest round of Project Veritas journalism, Facebook insider Ryan Hartwig exposes the far-left agenda of Facebook with damning footage of its employees admitting on undercover camera to all sorts of biases, including racism against whites.

One of the clips featuring Facebook team lead content reviewer Steve Grimmett admitting that he lumps supporters of President Donald Trump and his “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) movement in with “Nazis” and “Hitler.”

Grimmett openly admits to an undercover reporter that he monitors “hate organizations” on Facebook, which include “Hitler, Nazis, MAGA, you know, Proud Boys, all that stuff all day long.”

“We rig the game so it can work on the left side,” another Facebook employee is heard saying to the same undercover reporter, adding that Facebook “100 percent” favors the left.

Some content moderation at Facebook is contracted out to companies like Cognizant, and it, too, is biased against conservatives. One of its content moderators was caught stating that she would accept the $81 million bounty placed on President Trump’s head by the government of Iran.

“It’s inhumane, but if it’s going to save the country why not do it?” this individual, named Kassi Cimo, was caught on tape saying.

“We should just hand him over to them,” she added. “Take the money, as a country, that’s what I’m saying. If we hand him over, our country would be saved, I’m just saying.”


More on this can be gleaned from the following episode of The Health Ranger Report, in which Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, talks about how President Trump could beat this type of Big Tech tyranny in a matter of seconds if he really wanted to:

Facebook says it fires white male employees because it knows they can’t sue for discrimination

The corporate culture at Facebook is apparently so anti-Trump that any employee who dared to walk in with a MAGA shirt or hat would “get [their] ass beat,” according to another employee who told the undercover reporter that political discrimination and intimidation is rampant at Facebook.

As for how the company deals with the ever-dreaded white male, Facebook Senior HR manager Leslie Brown was caught admitting that it is much easier for the company to fire white male employees compared to others because white men are not afforded the same privilege to sue for discrimination.

“They were able to fire him without having to worry about discrimination,” the undercover reporter asked Brown about a white male employee who was, in fact, fired, to which Brown responded:

“Right, right. Because he’s a white man. Yeah, white man. So, no problem.”

“Oh, it’s easier when they’re …,” the undercover reporter added before being cut off by Brown who finished the sentence with, “… white men.”

“No one has the white man’s back anymore,” Brown added while laughing.

Project Veritas has played a critical role in exposing other evil plots within Big Tech and society at large, including with the recent surge of Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorism following the death of George Floyd.

As we reported, Antifa terrorists are plotting the “complete abolition” of society as we know it, all the while operating under the guise of ending “fascism.”

“Stop using Facebook,” wrote one Breitbart News commenter in response to the Project Veritas footage exposing Facebook as a racist, anti-white, communist corporation.

“Prohibit your children from using Facebook. End evil and hate.”

To keep up with the latest on Big Tech censorship and bias against conservatives and whites, be sure to check out Censorship.news.

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