To the Americans who are on their knees

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Image: To the Americans who are on their knees

(Natural News) We are near the end of the Republic. A revolution has begun and no decisive counter-revolutionary actions have been ordered. Why has this happened? Because we have been psychologically and linguistically disarmed.

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For example: — The oath of allegiance of federal officials is to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic; but if we refuse to acknowledge the existence of enemies, if we cannot name our enemies, no defense will be possible. And this is the one thing, above all, that has been forbidden: We are not allowed to name our enemies.

This is the raw essence of linguistic and psychological disarmament. Add to this a process in which America’s enemies have flooded into the government itself. And now, when mob violence has been deployed on a massive scale, the country finds itself unprepared, disoriented, and defenseless.

How did we get here?

Leftists have gradually taken control over the curriculum of our schools. This curriculum was copied from designs made in the USSR for our express use. (See Robin Eubanks Credentialed to Destroy: How and Why Education Became a Weapon This curriculum destroys the mind’s ability to work competently with abstractions. It leads our children away from patriotism. It leads women to turn against men, blacks to turn against whites, and Americans to turn against their own country. It is a very simple process of indoctrination that nobody has seriously challenged. We have supported this treason ourselves, with lucrative funding. In consequence, we have been gradually Losing control of our own institutions, decade after decade. And that is how we have come to this tragic moment in time.


The phrase that best describes this overall process is, “psychological and linguistic disarmament.” We have been intellectually disarmed and now the process has advanced from the realm of ideas to street violence. If the process is allowed to continue, Americans of all races and beliefs will be slaughtered when the foreign enemy moves his missiles, armies and fleets into action. At present, our economy is under attack on a number of fronts. Law and order is being stripped from us. First, the police will be defunded; second, the Revolution will defund the U.S. military; third, the Chinese and Russians will bomb and invade the country.

Consider the following occurrences; Around the country police officers are kneeling before “protestors,” begging forgiveness. Whites in the suburbs are also kneeling before blacks. An appeasing and obsequious spirit has taken hold of a neutered middle class. It is a portent of impending mass expropriation. It is a portent of atrocities, killings, massacres, arbitrary arrests, rampaging mobs, foreign invasion and military dictatorship.

In blue states, Marxist revolutionaries are using black anger to cover an attack on the country’s economy — to take over the streets, to burn and loot businesses, to intimidate the government and subdue the populace. As of this moment, their strategy is working. If the government does not take back the streets and stop the destruction of property, the revolutionaries will begin to dictate terms. In that event, every negotiation will go against the government until the revolutionaries ARE the government.

Presently, the revolutionaries demand that the prisons be emptied and police disbanded. This will assure their control of the streets indefinitely. It will allow them to use force at will, to confiscate property and commit “extra-judicial” killings. The revolutionaries will form their own government, modeled after Robespierre’s Committee of Public Safety.

There are many who will say, in answer to the above paragraphs, that I am exaggerating the present troubles. They will say that my anticommunist prejudice has led me to a distorted view of events. They will argue that these protests are “peaceful,” and not about Marxism at all, but have to do with “white privilege” and “systemic racism.” While many protestors are genuinely worried about police brutality and systemic racism, they are but pawns — and a screen for the revolutionary left to conduct its violent attacks.

Many good and generous people believe in a leftist utopia of love and peace. But their’s is an upside-down world in which all facts are seen through the ever-inverting eyeglass of ideology. Sadly, they are ignorant of the actual forces manipulating them. Their knowledge of history and politics is too limited for safe involvement in controversies they do not fully understand. Vladimír Lenin had a name for these good people. He called them “useful idiots.”

The present riots have little to do with white racism and everything to do with Chinese and Russian war preparations against the United States. The left in this country — wittingly or not — is the catspaw of foreign powers. To not realize this is to be a political child. It signifies ignorance.

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