Liberals will come for you sooner than you think

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Image: Liberals will come for you sooner than you think

(Natural News) As the saying goes, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” That’s why you should be weary of anyone seeking to rewrite history. They’re likely looking to repeat something from it – something bad – and don’t want you to know what’s coming.

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Liberals have spent the last few months wiping clean every piece of history they can. From statues to the very founding of our country, Democrats have declared what was to not have been and what wasn’t to have always been.

The joke known as the 1619 Project has rabid racists and professional victims at its helm, and under the banner of the New York Times, rewrote history from the very founding of our country to be all and only about racism. It was the first big public push to convince people that nothing good exists from America’s existence. Naturally, it was rewarded with a Pulitzer Prize and is now being incorporated into high school curriculum across the country.

Wildly inaccurate – refuted by actual historians, scholars, and common sense – none of this matters. Your kids will be indoctrinated with these lies and bile in public schools for years to come.

But liberals aren’t content for the long con this time. They smell blood and have their Brownshirts in the streets and in a frenzy. They’re going to take as much as they can right now.

They’ve destroyed businesses, economies, and lives. None of this matters to Democrats. Ask yourself this – have you heard a single elected Democrat condemn, without qualification, the violence or destruction? They’ve fallen all over themselves to express sorrow over the death of a purple-haired protester in Washington who was blocking a freeway and night, near a curve, while wearing black, but where was the concern of St. Louis police captain David Dorn, murdered by a guy trying to steal a TV during Democratic Party riots last month? Don’t waste your time, you won’t find them.

Not all black lives matter to Black Lives Matter. In fact, most don’t. Which is why leftists get so angry when you mention what is taking 99.9 percent of the lives of young black men – other young black men. Those lives don’t matter to Democrats because they can’t be weaponized by Democrats.

After launching the latest mob violence, and the looting ended, the focus became statues. Down they came, with those responsible kicking them as if this was somehow a sign of bravery.

The frenzy meant any statue was a target. We aren’t dealing with smart people here. They view anyone worthy of immortalizing as problematic because they know they will never even be worth remembering.

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